Thai food stalls, Ban Pong
ID numberART25080
Collection typeArt
TitleThai food stalls, Ban Pong
MeasurementOverall: 35.8 x 53.6 cm
Object typeDrawing
MakerGriffin, Murray
Place madeSingapore: Changi
Date made1945
Physical descriptionpen and brush and ink over pencil on paper
CopyrightAWM copyright
DescriptionAt the end of 1942 a large force of prisoners-of-war, many of them sick and including a proportion of Australians, left Changi goal for what they believed to be a "rest camp" in Thailand. After a torturous journey by train, they had to march from Banpong along the proposed route of a railway, which they discovered to their dismay, it was their task to construct. Realising that they would be unable to carry a great deal of their gear, they sold it to the Thai natives who had set up a few stalls, from which the prisoners purchased eggs, fried fish, fruit etc, that they badly needed. Men on way to work on railway buying food from local stalls.