ID numberART29200.007
Collection typeArt
TitlePrivate Laurence washing glass centrifuge tubes; verso [pathologist seated in the laboratory]
MeasurementOverall: 24.5 x 31.3 cm
Object typeDrawing
MakerHeysen, Nora
Place madeAustralia: New South Wales, Sydney
Date made1944
Physical descriptionpen and bue ink on paper
CopyrightAWM Licensed copyright
DescriptionPrivate Laurence, medical assistant is seated across from a sink where her gloved hands wash the glass centrifuge tubes. Another female medical assistant sits along the bench with her back to the viewer, both wear dresses with laboratory coats and head scarves.

Verso: An incomplete sketch and features a pathologist (Captain Robert Black) seated in the laboratory at the blood and serum preparation unit in Sydney. This is a preliminary study of the subject matter related to ART29200.008 and ART22408.