ID number ART29202.008
Title [Fore shortened study of patient lying on a bed]; [two studies of patient lying on bed]
Collection Art
Object type Drawing
Maker Heysen, Nora (Artist)
Place made New Guinea
Date made 1944
Medium pen and blue ink on paper
Measurement overall: 24 x 27.8 cm; image: 21 x 23 cm


Recto: The artist captures in a study, a person lying supine in bed with his right hand on his chest and his right knee raised. This angle from the side and below gives the impression that the person has a blanket covering the persons body to the chest.

Verso: two more studies of the person lying in bed with blanket up to the chest and head turned to the left. In the lower image, the artist captures the patient with his right arm dangling loosely from the shoulder and he wears a hat perched on the crown of his head.