Somme winter
ID numberART41020
Collection typeArt
TitleSomme winter
MeasurementOverall: 400 cm x 730 cm x 215 cm
Object typeDiorama
  • Anderson, Wallace
  • McCubbin, Louis
  • Modelling Sub-section, Exhibition Buildings, Melbourne
Place madeAustralia: Victoria, Melbourne
Date made1923-1926
Physical descriptionfigures: dry colour on composite lead; background: synthetic polymer paint on fibreglass reinforced polyester resin; modelling: paint, plaster over wood and wire with cloth, wood and metal
CopyrightCopyright expired - public domain
DescriptionThe scene shown in this diorama is near a sunken road, “Fritz’s Folly”, mainly held by the Germans and taken and lost in some of the most difficult fighting of the war. It illustrates the appalling conditions in which both sides lived and fought on the Somme during the dreadful winter of 1916-17. The constant bombardments of the summer and autumn had pulverised the soil and the abnormal rainfalls which ushered in the winter reduced it to mud, almost impassable until duckboard tracks were eventually laid. The scene in this trench is typical. It shows a man carrying a duckboard to floor the trench, the arrival of rations, a man taking precautions against trench feet, a Lewis gun post, sentries standing-to, and a derelict tank bogged in the mud. The diorama re-creates the general air of exhaustion and depression that permeated life in this environment. Louis McCubbin painted the original figures, background and modelling. Figures were cast into metal in 1931. The background was repainted by George Browning in 1968 and retouched by Don Evans in 1990-91.
LocationMain Bld: First World War Gallery: Western Front 1917: Somme Winter