Image copyright: Copyright unknown

ID number ART50125
Title NSW Officers at the Front
Collection Art
Object type Print
Maker Unknown (Artist)
Date made 1900
Medium chromolithograph on paper
Measurement 58.5 x 44.5cm


Depicts a group portrait of members of the New South Mounted Infantry, New South Citizens' Bushmen's Contingent, Imperial Bushmen's Contingent, New South Irish Rifles, New South Corps of Engineers No 1 Field Company, New South Artillery including Colonel the Honourable James Alexander Kenneth Mackay, Colonel William Daniel Campbell, Lieutenant Colonel Henry Parke Airey, Lieutenant Colonel M W Bayly (or Bayley), Colonel Sydenham Campbell Urquhart Smith, Major John Hubert Plunkett Murray, Lieutenant Colonel Guy Cunninghame Knight, Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Samuel Parrott, Major William Throsby Bridges, Lieutenant Colonel Percy Thomas Owen, Major (later Major General) George Leonard Lee, Major (later Lieutenant Colonel) A H P Savage, Captain (later Brigadier General) John Macquarie Antill, Captain (later Lieutenant Colonel) James Gordon Legge.