Hall of Memory: west window

Unit Australian War Memorial
Accession Number ART90410.002
Collection type Art
Object type Various Media
Physical description stained glass
Location Main Bld: Commemorative Area: Hall of Memory: Commemoration
Place made Australia: Victoria
Date made 1950
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918
Copyright Item copyright: © Australian War Memorial
Creative Commons License This item is licensed under CC BY-NC

Designed by Napier Waller each one of the Hall of Memory's fifteen stained glass windows represents a defining quality of Australian servicemen and women. The west window in the Hall of Memory represents social qualities. Comradeship: a Lewis gunner. The "music pipes" (the reed Pipes of Pan) clustered and bound together are symbols of fellowship and good cheer (the ancient symbol for unity was a bundle of bound twigs); Ancestry: a naval gunner in anti-flash helmet and gauntlets. The wreath indicates reverence for the renowned; the book, traditional knowledge; cricket stumps and ball, traditional recreation; church spire, the European tradition of Christianity. The naval flag mans "Engage the enemy at close quarters". Above is the naval crown; Patriotism: an infantryman. The stars of the Southern Cross are superimposed. "Trumpet-shafts" denote the urge for service and love of country. Above are the crown, orb and lion; Chivalry: an airman. The symbols are medieval - the rose of chivalry, tilting spurs, visored helmet and the Cross of St. George denoting generosity to a conquered opponent; Loyalty: artilleryman holding director. Symbols, the AIF badge with "AIF" superimposed. Above, a column with flames (loyalty to a cause or ideal).