ID numberART91487
Collection typeArt
Title10pm edition
Measurementoverall: 20.6 x 26.4 cm
Object typeDrawing
MakerJeffrey, Agnes Betty
Place madeNetherlands East Indies: Sumatra, Palembang
Date madec 1942-1945
Physical descriptionpen and ink on paper
CopyrightUnlicensed copyright
DescriptionA view of the sleeping arrangements inside one of the rooms at the Palembang prisoner of war camp at 10pm in the evening. The women are all sleeping on the floor or on makeshift beds. Each of the women has her name written beside her and some of the characteristics of the individual women are made evident in the drawing. This is one of many pencil and pen and ink sketches made by Agnes Betty Jeffrey while she was a prisoner of war in Palembang.