ID numberART91488
Collection typeArt
TitleHouse 8 Australian Sisters (32) Palembang, Sumatra
Measurementsheet: 17.2 x 21.3 cm
Object typeDrawing
MakerJeffrey, Agnes Betty
Place madeNetherlands East Indies: Sumatra, Palembang
Date madec 1942-1945
Physical descriptionpencil on paper mounted on card
CopyrightUnlicensed copyright
DescriptionA house in Sumatra in the Palembang prisoner of war camp. This house was called 'House 8' and housed 32 Australian nurses. The house looks a little delipidated and there is fencing wire missing from the front of the house that was used by the women to make cooking utensils and knitting needles. This drawing is one of many sketches made by Agnes Betty Jeffrey while she was a prisoner in the Palembang prisoner of war camp.