ID numberART93180
Collection typeArt
TitleSketchbook conatining 56 pages of caricatures of the Royal Australian Artillery at Fort Queenscliff
Measurementoverall closed: 21.2 x 33.3 cm; overall open: 21.2 x 66.6 cm
Object typeSketchbook
Place madeAustralia: Victoria, Melbourne, Queenscliff
Date madec. 1909-1910
Physical descriptionpencil, pen and ink on paper
CopyrightCopyright unknown
DescriptionSketchbook containing 56 pages of caricatures of members of the Royal Australian Artillery at Fort Queenscliff before the First World War. Makes references to Nepean and Thursday Islands.

Members of the Royal Australian Artillery (RAA), located at Queenscliff, Victoria, are depicted in this work dating from 1909-1910. Referred to as the budget of the regiment and located in what once appeared to be an accounting book, the works were created by an anonymous artist using the name Zif. At the beginning of the book, Zif ascertains that 'You may rest assured that if you have anything meritorious in your composition, or disposition, we will faithfully portray it; on the other hand, if you incur our disfavour, you may expect no mercy'. The caricatures attempt to encapsulate the essence of the individual and some depictions are quite unflattering. 'Bummy Brown' is portrayed as a stein of beer, Phil Cray as a crayfish (a simple play on words presumably), and another RAA gentleman as a dachshund. On the other hand, Charlie Hudd, a man who went on to serve in the First World War as a gunner in the Siege Artillery Brigade, is depicted as the regiment's champion rugby player. Interspersed with verse by 'Absolam', the sketchbook contains over 50 caricatures, and several works identify the individual portrayed. This would leave those men in no doubt about how their fellow RAA members perceived them.
Teddys dream
not titled [text]
Our sea dogs
not titled [Dear reader]
not titled [Dad Winter AAMC]
Jippery Bung
We have a chef
Sciatica Frank
Johnah Bill
Aerated Jack
The dreams of Quill Butler
What we think of our RSM
Lard oil Jim
Master gunner at Queenscliff
David and Goliath
Thursday Island
Our sleuth hounds
Our sleuth hound
Scene of the accident
How McConnell milked the cow
If a worm will turn what will a cow do
Tink of the profits
I aint such a lamb as what I look
Just as well there aint m(o)uchmore of it
Cigars a la cheapside
I've got no time for pantomime
Prof. Williamson's comet
Don't argue
Absolam waxes wroth
Devilish Dan
Our new I of O and A
The angle of inclination
Alf Bishop
Our new arrival
Busy Wally
The dog and the halfpennies
Dick's dodge
Jock's new satellite
Tommy Mac
Squeaky Tom
The early bird
Handy Donald
Another of the dry land sailors
Suck the tooth
The adventures of 'Phil Cray'
Bummy Brown
'Gymmie' Whittle
In days of yore
Brainy Dick