Don't be an ostrich! Use nets for concealment
ID numberARTV02603
Collection typeArt
TitleDon't be an ostrich! Use nets for concealment
Measurementsheet: 48.8 x 38.8 cm
Object typePoster
  • E G .T
  • Camouflage Research Section, Department of Home Security
  • Unknown
Date made1939-1945
Physical descriptionhand-coloured roneo
CopyrightCopyright expired - public domain
DescriptionHand coloured poster produced using a rotary stencil duplicator known as a Roneo copier. It was designed for the Camouflage Research Section , Department of Home Security, Canberra. A humorous depiction of an ostrich in the desert is employed to encourage the use of camouflage netting for concealment. In the top half the ostrich has his head in the sand, a palm tree is visible behind him. In the lower half the ostrich is concealed using camouflage netting. Green leaves are strapped to his head.