Enlist in the Sportsmens' 1000
ID numberARTV05616
Collection typeArt
TitleEnlist in the Sportsmens' 1000
Measurementoverall: 98.7 x 73.2 cm; sheet: 97.7 x 72.8 cm
Object typePoster
  • Unknown
  • Spotsmens' Recruiting Committe
  • Troedel & Cooper Pty. Ltd. [Melbourne]
Date made1917
Physical descriptionchromolithograph on paper
CopyrightCopyright expired - public domain
DescriptionAustralian First World War recruitment poster. Depicts Albert Jacka VC in front of the Union Jack flag. As the first Australian in the Great War to receive a VC, Jacka's image was used in numerous recruiting posters, and his exploits featured regularly in newspapers. His physical prowess and skills as a boxer were central to Jacka's legendary status. Surrounding Jacka are colourful depictions of healthy young men engaged in a variety of sports: AFL football, boxing, rowing, cricket, tennis and golf are amongst the sports described. The Sportsmen's 1000 drew a direct link between sporting prowess and war, even punning that Jacka '"sports" the medal of medals' on his chest.