Soignons la basse-cour [Let's take care of the farmyard

Collection ID ARTV06107
Collection type Art
Title Soignons la basse-cour [Let's take care of the farmyard
Measurement Overall: 55.2 x 36.2; 28 x 36.3 cm
Date made 1498036680
Object type Poster
Maker Douanne, G, Union Francaise
Date made 1498036680
Copyright Copyright expired - public domain
Physical description

This French poster depicts a hen sitting on a pile of eggs.

The English translation of the French text is: 'Take care of the farmyard. I am a brave (courageous, gallant, worthy, good) hen of war. I eat little and produce much'.

G.Douanne was sixteen years of age and attending the 'Ecole de Filles' (school for Girls) on Avenue Daumesnil in Paris when she produced this poster for the French Government. The poster, one of sixteen designed by French children was to be circulated by the Minister for Agriculture to French schools in order to gauge public opinion about the restrictions imposed by the government during the First World War.

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