ID numberRCDIG1018430
TitleAWM4 Class 35 - New Zealand Units
Collection numberAWM4 35
ClassificationDigitised Collection
Record typeSub-series
Object typeOfficial Record
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AWM4 Subclass 35/1 - Headquarters New Zealand Mounted Rifles Brigade RCDIG1000647
AWM4 Subclass 35/2 - Auckland Mounted Rifles Regiment RCDIG1000936
AWM4 Subclass 35/3 - Canterbury Mounted Rifles Regiment RCDIG1000646
AWM4 Subclass 35/4 - Otago Mounted Rifles Regiment RCDIG1000656
AWM4 Subclass 35/5 - Wellington Mounted Rifles Regiment RCDIG1000645
AWM4 Subclass 35/6 - Headquarters, New Zealand Divisional Artillery RCDIG1000644
AWM4 Subclass 35/7 - 1st New Zealand Field Artillery Brigade RCDIG1000642
AWM4 Subclass 35/8 - No 3 Field Battery, New Zealand Artillery RCDIG1000648
AWM4 Subclass 35/9 - Headquarters, New Zealand Divisional Engineers RCDIG1000922
AWM4 Subclass 35/10 - 1st Field Company, New Zealand Engineers RCDIG1000929
AWM4 Subclass 35/11 - 2nd Field Company, New Zealand Engineers RCDIG1000930
AWM4 Subclass 35/12 - 3rd Field Company, New Zealand Engineers RCDIG1000921
AWM4 Subclass 35/13 - Field Troop, New Zealand Engineers RCDIG1000931
AWM4 Subclass 35/14 - B Field Troop, Australian Engineers RCDIG1000932
AWM4 Subclass 35/15 - New Zealand and Australian Divisional Signal Company RCDIG1000935
AWM4 Subclass 35/16 - Signal Troop, New Zealand Engineers and Signal Troop, New Zealand Mounted Rifles Brigade RCDIG1000928
AWM4 Subclass 35/17 - Headquarters, New Zealand Infantry Brigade RCDIG1000927
AWM4 Subclass 35/18 - Auckland Battalion RCDIG1000926
AWM4 Subclass 35/19 - Canterbury Battalion RCDIG1000925
AWM4 Subclass 35/20 - Wellington Battalion RCDIG1000924
AWM4 Subclass 35/21 - Headquarters, 3rd New Zealand Rifles Brigade RCDIG1000923
AWM4 Subclass 35/22 - 1st Battalion, New Zealand Rifles Brigade RCDIG1000643
AWM4 Subclass 35/23 - 1st Machine Gun Squadron, New Zealand Mounted Rifles Brigade RCDIG1000934
AWM4 Subclass 35/24 - 2nd Machine Gun Squadron, New Zealand Mounted Rifles Brigade RCDIG1000933
AWM4 Subclass 35/25 - New Zealand Cyclist Company RCDIG1000655
AWM4 Subclass 35/26 - New Zealand Mounted Field Ambulance RCDIG1000654
AWM4 Subclass 35/27 - New Zealand Field Ambulance RCDIG1000653
AWM4 Subclass 35/28 - 2nd New Zealand Mobile Veterinary Section RCDIG1000652
AWM4 Subclass 35/29 - New Zealand Divisional Supply Column RCDIG1000651
AWM4 Subclass 35/30 - Maori Contingent RCDIG1000650
AWM4 Subclass 35/31 - Rarotongan Detachment RCDIG1000649