ID numberRCDIG1019186
TitleAWM52 Subclass 1/10 - Administration Headquarters
Collection numberAWM52 1/10
ClassificationDigitised Collection
Record typeSub-sub-series
Object typeOfficial Record
Image useCopy provided for personal non-commercial use, permission from copyright holder must be sought for commercial use
AWM52 1/10/1 - Australian New Guinea Administrative Unit RCDIG1019426
AWM52 1/10/2 - District Officer New Guinea Administrative Unit Wau (DO NG Admin Unit Wau) RCDIG1019427
AWM52 1/10/3 - Administrative Headquarters Alice Springs RCDIG1019430
AWM52 1/10/4 - Town Major Darwin RCDIG1019431
AWM52 1/10/5 - Administrative Headquarters Banka Banka RCDIG1019425
AWM52 1/10/6 - Administrative Headquarters Mt Isa RCDIG1019429
AWM52 1/10/7 - Town Major Mt Isa RCDIG1019432
AWM52 1/10/8 - 50 Australian Civil Affairs Unit and British Borneo Civil Affairs Unit RCDIG1019428