ID numberRCDIG1026225
TitleAWM52 Subclass 1/12 - East and Middle East Units
Collection numberAWM52 1/12
ClassificationDigitised Collection
Record typeSub-sub-series
Object typeOfficial Record
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AWM52 1/12/1 - Australian General Base Depot Middle East and Malaya RCDIG1020257
AWM52 1/12/2 - AIF Administrative Headquarters RCDIG1019726
AWM52 1/12/3 - AIF Headquarters Middle East General Staff Branch (AIF HQ ME GS Branch) RCDIG1019637
AWM52 1/12/4 - AIF Headquarters Middle East Adjutant General Branch (AIF HQ ME AG Branch) RCDIG1019638
AWM52 1/12/5 - AIF Headquarters Middle East Quartermaster General Branch (AIF HQ ME QMG Branch) RCDIG1019639
AWM52 1/12/6 - AIF Headquarters Middle East Director of Amenities RCDIG1019640
AWM52 1/12/7 - AIF Base Area and Advanced Party 1939 to Middle East (Java) RCDIG1019641
AWM52 1/12/8 - AIF Base Area Legal Staff Officer (LSO) RCDIG1019642
AWM52 1/12/9 - Volunteer Aid Detachment Overseas RCDIG1019643
AWM52 1/12/10 - Amiriya Line of Communication Sub Area RCDIG1019727
AWM52 1/12/11 - Tobruk Base Sub Area RCDIG1019646
AWM52 1/12/12 - Tripoli Port (Elmina) Middle East RCDIG1019720
AWM52 1/12/13 - Anti-Aircraft Defence Commander Tripoli (AADC Tripoli) RCDIG1020258
AWM52 1/12/14 - 9 Australian Division Ski Company RCDIG1019731
AWM52 1/12/15 - AIF Middle East Details Depot Cairo RCDIG1019722
AWM52 1/12/16 - AIF Details Tel Aviv Commanding Officers RCDIG1019723
AWM52 1/12/17 - AIF Details Draft Conducting Officers (DCO) RCDIG1019724
AWM52 1/12/18 - AIF Reserve Group RCDIG1019725
AWM52 1/12/19 - AIF Headquarters Ceylon General Branch RCDIG1019733
AWM52 1/12/20 - Australian Military Liaison Officer Ceylon RCDIG1019645
AWM52 1/12/21 - Australian Military Liaison Officer Bombay RCDIG1019728
AWM52 1/12/22 - General Base Depot Malaya RCDIG1019729
AWM52 1/12/23 - 204 Tulip Force Malaya RCDIG1019730
AWM52 1/12/24 - Special AIF Detachment Malaya RCDIG1019644
AWM52 1/12/25 - Repatriation Singapore RCDIG1019732
AWM52 1/12/26 - AIF Cadre Battalion Military Mission China RCDIG1019721
AWM52 1/12/27 - AIF Base Area Java RCDIG1019734
AWM52 1/12/29 - Headquarters AIF Ceylon Quartermaster General Branch (HQ AIF Ceylon QMG Branch) RCDIG1019815