ID numberRCDIG1019180
TitleAWM52 Subclass 1/3 - Army
Collection numberAWM52 1/3
ClassificationDigitised Collection
Record typeSub-sub-series
Object typeOfficial Record
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AWM52 1/3/1 - First Army-General Officer Commanding and Army Commander (First Army GOC & Army Commander) RCDIG1019804
AWM52 1/3/2 - First Army General (Operations) Branch (First Army G (Ops) Branch RCDIG1019814
AWM52 1/3/3 - First Army General (Staff Duties) (First Army G (SD)) RCDIG1019919
AWM52 1/3/4 - First Army General (Staff Duties and Training) (First Army G (SD & Trg) RCDIG1019925
AWM52 1/3/5 - First Army General Staff (Intelligence) (First Army GS (Int)) RCDIG1019920
AWM52 1/3/6 - First Army General (Air) RCDIG1019805
AWM52 1/3/7 - First Army General (Liaison) RCDIG1019921
AWM52 1/3/8 - First Army General (Chemical Warfare) Branch (First Army G (CW) Branch) RCDIG1019922
AWM52 1/3/9 - First Army Rear Echelon General (Operations and Training) (First Army Rear Ech G (Ops & Trg) RCDIG1019924
AWM52 1/3/10 - First Army Adjutant General Branch (AG Branch) RCDIG1019806
AWM52 1/3/11 - First Army Quartermaster General Branch (QMG Branch) RCDIG1019807
AWM52 1/3/12 - Second Army Headquarters RCDIG1019808
AWM52 1/3/13 - Second Army-General (Operations) and (Staff Duties) (Second Army-G (Ops) & (SD)) RCDIG1019809
AWM52 1/3/14 - Second Army-General (Intelligence) (Second Army G (Int)) RCDIG1019810
AWM52 1/3/15 - Second Army-General (Training) (Second Army G (Trg)) RCDIG1019811
AWM52 1/3/16 - Second Army Adjutant General Branch RCDIG1019803
AWM52 1/3/17 - Second Army Australian Women's Army Service (Second Army AWAS) RCDIG1019923
AWM52 1/3/18 - Second Army Quartermaster General Branch RCDIG1019812
AWM52 1/3/19 - Second Army Camp Commandant RCDIG1019813