ID numberRCDIG1067255
TitleAWM8 Class 25 - Supplies, Transport
Collection numberAWM8 25
ClassificationDigitised Collection
Record typeSub-series
Object typeOfficial Record
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AWM8 Subclass 25/14 - 1st Australian Divisional Train RCDIG1067341
AWM8 Subclass 25/15 - 2nd Australian Divisional Train RCDIG1067342
AWM8 Subclass 25/16 - 3rd Australian Divisional Train RCDIG1067343
AWM8 Subclass 25/17-18 - 4th and 5th Australian Divisional Train RCDIG1067344
AWM8 Subclass 25/29 - 3rd Australian Divisional Supply Column RCDIG1067345
AWM8 Subclass 25/34 - 10th Company, Australian Army Service Corps RCDIG1067346
AWM8 Subclass 25/35 - 1st Australian Railhead Supply Detachment RCDIG1067347
AWM8 Subclass 25/36 - 17th Company, Australian Army Service Corps RCDIG1067348
AWM8 Subclass 25/37 - 18th Company, Australian Army Service Corps RCDIG1067888
AWM8 Subclass 25/40 - 3rd Australian Field Bakery and 3rd Australian Field Butchery RCDIG1067349
AWM8 Subclass 25/89 - 1st Australian Divisional Ammunition Column RCDIG1067350
AWM8 Subclass 25/90 - 2nd Australian Divisional Ammunition Column RCDIG1067351
AWM8 Subclass 25/91 - 3rd Australian Divisional Ammunition Column RCDIG1067352
AWM8 Subclass 25/94 - Headquarters Infantry Base Depot RCDIG1067353
AWM8 Subclass 25/95 - 1st Light Horse Brigade Train RCDIG1067889
AWM8 Subclass 25/96 - 2nd Light Horse Brigade Train RCDIG1067354
AWM8 Subclass 25/97 - 4th Infantry Brigade Train RCDIG1067424
AWM8 Subclass 25/98 - 17th Divisional Ammunition Park, 301 Company RCDIG1067425
AWM8 Subclass 25/99 - 17th Divisional Supply Column, 300 Company RCDIG1067426
AWM8 Subclass 25/100 - 3rd Light Horse Brigade Train RCDIG1067326
AWM8 Subclass 25/101 - Field Butchery and Bakery RCDIG1067327
AWM8 Subclass 25/102 - 4th Light Horse Brigade Train RCDIG1067328
AWM8 Subclass 25/103 - 5th Infantry Brigade Train RCDIG1067329
AWM8 Subclass 25/104 - 6th Infantry Brigade Train RCDIG1067330
AWM8 Subclass 25/105 - Field Bakeries and Butcheries RCDIG1067331
AWM8 Subclass 25/106 - 20th Company, Australian Army Service Corps RCDIG1067332
AWM8 Subclass 25/107 - 21st Company, Australian Army Service Corps RCDIG1067333
AWM8 Subclass 25/108 - Australian Army Service Corps RCDIG1067334
AWM8 Subclass 25/109 - 11th to 15th Australian Depot Unit of Supply RCDIG1067335
AWM8 Subclass 25/110 - 4th Light Horse Brigade, Ammunition Reserve RCDIG1067336
AWM8 Subclass 25/111 - 4th Australian Divisional Ammunition Column RCDIG1067337
AWM8 Subclass 25/112 - 5th Australian Divisional Ammunition Column RCDIG1067338
AWM8 Subclass 25/113 - 1st, 2nd and 3rd Auxiliary Transport Companies RCDIG1067339
AWM8 Subclass 25/114 - Mechanical Transport RCDIG1067340