HMAS Napier

Accession Number F00421
Collection type Film
Measurement 18 min 47 sec
Object type Home movie
Physical description 8mm standard/b&w/silent
Maker Reid, John Burdett
Place made British Mandate of Palestine: Haifa, Egypt: Alexandria, Egypt: Cairo, Egypt: Suez Canal, Port Said, Egypt: Suez Canal, Suez, Port Tewfik
Date made June 1941-February 1942
Access Open
Conflict Second World War, 1939-1945
Copyright Item copyright: © Australian War Memorial
Creative Commons License This item is licensed under CC BY-NC

John Reid took this film in 1941 while serving as a Seaman ASDIC operator with HMAS Napier which was then part of the 7th Destroyer Flotilla British Mediterranean Fleet. On leave in Cairo showing the view from the top of the New Zealand (NZ) Club. Panorama looking into the distance on a dusty day in Cairo. The Muhammad Ali Mosque is visible in the distance. Looking down on Cairo's streets from the NZ Club. Street level showing the entrance to the NZ Club a popular meeting place for Allied servicemen. The Muski bazaar in Cairo showing the typical dress of the locals, horse and carriages and shops. Allied troops shopping in the bazaar. Close up of craftsmen at work. John Reid and unidentified RAAF companion viewing goods. More scenes in the bazaar. Another view from the top floor of the NZ Club. Night scene of a German air raid in Port Said showing parachute flares and anti aircraft gun fire from shore batteries and from HMAS Parramatta. The gun fire was aimed at the parachute flares in an attempt to bring them down swiftly. Port Said harbour in daylight showing HMAS Hobart and various Merchant ships unloading stores. Two Javelin class destroyers in Port Said harbour. Game of water polo along side HMAS Napier. The match was with a team from some Yugoslavian Motor Torpedo Boats (MTB) who were in port. Napier lost twenty three to five as three of the Yugoslavs were members of the Olympic water polo team. S/4070 Geoffrey Watt Batchelor with the ball in slow motion scene. The Royal Navy cruiser HMS Ajax on patrol. Long shot of the RN battleship HMS Valiant. HMAS Napier practicing ant aircraft defence firing on towed target. Close up of Napier's 20mm Oerlikon anti aircraft gun. HMAS Napier practicing laying smoke screen. Napier on ferrying troops to Tobruk showing British Army troops on deck. Multiple 40mm Pom Pom anti aircraft gun. At Alexandria unloading troops from Tobruk. Long shot of the entire fleet taken from crows nest. Long shot of HMAS Nizam. Looking down on HMAS Napier's bridge from the crows nest. Scenes on deck showing main 4.7 inch guns and signalling platform. Captured German Stuka dive bomber flying over Free French ships at Alexandria. At sea Napier firing twin 4.7 inch guns. Port Tewfik and the wreck of the British transport SS Georgic which was sunk during a German air raid. Crew going to look for dead fish after a depth charge attack. HMS Dido or Niad which were high angle anti aircraft curisers. Next is the anti aircraft cruiser HMS Ajax. Close up of George Scull near the mulitple 0.5 inch guns. Anti aircraft barrage put up against a German reconnaissance aircraft. Side view of HMS Kingston (Pennant G64) on of the 14th Destroyer Flotilla exiting harbour taking troops from Haifa to Cyprus. Oil pipes at Haifa Indian troops bringing gear on board Napier heading to Cyprus to bring back British Army troops. Inside Mount Carmel Monastery on leave [very dark]. Looking down onto Haifa. Pans of Haifa port. Geoffrey Batchelor and S/3972 Frederick Roy Fayers fellow ASDIC operators leaning out of car window on Haifa road. Street scene Haifa shows local policeman guiding traffic. At sea HMAS Napier and HMAS Nizam depth charge attack which was unsuccessful. Long shot of HMAS Nizam (Pennant No G38). Firing 4 inch and Oerlikon guns. Long boat from the torpedoed British landing ship the Glenroy. Glenroy under tow by the RN cruiser HMS Carlisle. The RN battleship HMS Barham exploding. HMS Jervis going in to pick up surviviors. Both HMS Jervis and Napier were ordered to go and pick up survivors. There were around five hundred survivors.

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