12 pdr Blank Cartridge Case

Accession Number REL33775
Collection type Technology
Object type Munition
Physical description Brass
Maker Royal Laboratory Woolwich Arsenal
Place made United Kingdom
Date made c 1894
Conflict Period 1910-1919
Period 1920-1929
Period 1900-1909

Brass 12 pdr 12 cwt blank fire cartridge case. The case is a tapered straight wall design featuring an extractor ring. The screw in fuze is missing. Markings - RL, 1936, VSM, 10/8, 2/25, IN, I, NO 32, 12 PR, 12 CWT, BROAD ARROW CYPHER, RL, I, VARIOUS INSPECTOR'S STAMPS.

History / Summary

Blank fire cartridge case used in naval 12 pdr guns. This cartridge case was reloaded several times for ceremonial drill purposes. 12 pdr guns were introduced into Australian service in 1894 and carried on a variety of ships.

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