9 Squadron RAAF South Vietnam 1968

Accession Number F10881
Collection type Film
Measurement 10 min
Object type Home movie
Physical description 8mm super/colour (Kodachrome)/silent
Maker Beath, Peter James (George)
Place made Vietnam: Vung Tau Special Zone, Vung Tau
Date made November 1968 - March 1969
Access Open
Conflict Vietnam, 1962-1975
Copyright Item copyright: © Australian War Memorial
Creative Commons License This item is licensed under CC BY-NC
Source credit to This item has been digitised with funding provided by Commonwealth Government.

General shots at Vung Tau base and the delta regions of Phuoc Tuy Province South Vietnam. Air America aircraft taking off from the short runway at Vung Tau airbase. Also shown are US Caribou aircraft that operated from Vung Tau airbase. RAAF versus the Army in rugby match played at the police academy ground at Vung Tau. The local Vietnamese thought we were all mad (most played in bare feet). Line out throw in Rugby. RAAF Blue Rugby gear was supplied by a RSL Club. Tow tractor for aircraft driven by 222732 LAC Peter (George) Beath. In the passenger seat is 44282 LAC Ian Cawse. Revetment for aircraft protection showing Iroquois A2-769. US Army Chinook helicopters also operated from Vung Tau. Cross country tractor test. George Beath and Ian Cawse on the airfield where 9 Squadron aircraft were parked. George Beath and Ian Cawse checking over a new US Army Huey Cobra helicopter gunship and armament. 223624 Paul Maurice Spackman working on 9 Squadron aircraft in RAAF hangar. Vung Tau. Iroquois "C" service on metal tarmac in front of 9 Squadron Hangar. Scene from 9 Squadron hangars to the south panning to a Bushranger gunship. The steel tarmac was extremely hot 52 degrees was the surface temperature on one day. Bunker near hangar. Bushranger (early development) with US Army Beaver aircraft taxing to the South. It was unusual to see US Caribou aircraft here during the day time as they were mostly all away on operations. USAF Hercules taking off to the south, they would fly over the Australian Army base at Back Beach Vung Tau. Very dark taken in the hut. Test flight over northern area of Vung Tau. This was the normal approach to Vung Tau over water travelling south. We were conducting a test flight to remove obvious rotor vibration. The camera amplifies the vibration. Mekong Delta looking towards Radar Hill on the right. Vung Tau is mainly between the mountains. I was in the co-pilot seat and panned around to the pilot. A bumpy day for flying. Returning to Vung Tau from Nui Dat area. Banking to port just north of Vung Tau. Airstrip visible. Zoom onto US supply ships. Fuel dump was hit by rockets around 22 March 1969. Flying over 9 Squadron workshops and hangar. Damaged aircraft on tarmac adjacent to workshop. Flying over 35 Squadron section of RAAF hangar and 35 Squadron RAAF Caribou. US gunboats on the Mekong Delta North East of Vung Tau. Panning around to film tail rotor of 9 Squadron Iroquois. I had to lean out to film the tail rotor. View of cockpit very dark. The pilot was 212791 Rex Robert Budd. Village area north of Vung Tau. Flying in over aircraft. Being towed out to test pad after service. The man at the rear of the aircraft had to balance the helicopter so it could be towed. Continuing test flight to sort out rotor vibration and other tests over the Delta or Back Beach just off the coast. Motor cycle club day at RAAF Butterworth taken on five day leave from Vung Tau. USAF F-4 Phantom fighter bomber November 1968. RAAF Barracks at Vung Tau taken around October - November 1968 there was a bunker built where the trailer is shown in this scene. The main road just outside the barbed wire fence. Huts were two floors which would shake if the USAF was bombing the Long Hai Mountains from B-52 heavy bombers. Panning left to Base Squadron Armoury. The large building at the top of the scene is the RAAF picture theatre, stage and entertainment area. USAF F-4 Phantom flying over the barracks. Panning from huts to Mess and water supply tank stand around to access road to RAAF Barracks and Officers Mess. Serving aircraft on the metal tarmac in front of 9 Squadron hangar. 32921 Sergeant Kenneth Cantle at the front of the aircraft and Ian Cawse kneeling beside the aircraft. Airframe fitter 222576 LAC Graham Samuel Ivory in front of 9 Squadron hangars, a 35 Squadron RAAF Caribou is at the other end.

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