Neighbourly Dissuader

Place Oceania: Australia, Australian Capital Territory, Canberra
Accession Number ART93020
Collection type Art
Measurement Overall: 60 cm x 25 cm x 25 cm
Object type Sculpture
Physical description corrugated iron, steel, rivets
Maker Farquhar-Still, Geoff
Place made Australia: Australian Capital Territory, Canberra
Date made 2006
Conflict Afghanistan, 2001-

Item copyright: AWM Licensed copyright


Missile shaped sculpture of corrugated iron, steel and rivets. The sculpture is intended to represent a nuclear arsenal that could be used on a domestic scale. Farquhar-Still's idea of creating a sculpture that could be placed in a garden to dissuade the neighbour from attacking, or acting in an aggressive manner, symbolises the increasing dominance of war and weapons culture in contemporary life, where nations continue to pursue nuclear capabilities and terrorist organisations threaten nation-states in both real and imagined terms.
Farquhar-Still explains that:
Neighbourly Dissauder has its conceptual roots in the Cold War period, where the politics of propaganda, fear and paranoia gripped society, turning people against one another across the globe. Its intended use as a garden ornament refers to the one-upmanship of global superwar nuclear proliferation.