7.6 cm Minenwerfer (Trench Mortar) Shell

Place Europe: France, Nord Pas de Calais, Nord, Meteren
Accession Number RELAWM07696
Collection type Technology
Object type Munition
Maker Unknown
Place made Germany
Date made pre 1918
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918

Empty German light trench mortar shell.

History / Summary

German light trench mortar shell [now empty], which fell in the lines of 1st Bn in the Mootenscken- Meteren sector on the night of the 1st- 2nd July, 1918, wounding Captain R.M.G. Stewart in the arm; had the shell exploded it would have caused casualties to other officers, including another Coy Commander and several American officers.

The light minenwerfer was used in great numbers by the German army, to provide close tactical support to front line trenches, and through its high arcing fire, to suppress Allied positions.