Wall plaque : Commander Task Force 158, RAN

Accession Number REL35652
Collection type Heraldry
Object type Heraldry
Physical description Paint; Plastic; Wood
Maker Townsend Productions
Place made Australia
Date made c 2006
Conflict Iraq, 2003-2013

Wooden shield shaped wall plaque with a circular painted badge attached. The badge has a circular blue border containing the words 'COMMANDER TASK FORCE 158' and 'OPERATION CATALYST - IRAQI FREEDOM', separated by two red kangaroos. The central section of the badge contains a map of the Persian Gulf, on which are superimposed the stars of the Southern Cross, a Royal Australian Navy anchor and an eight-pointed star containing the number '158'.

History / Summary

The Royal Australian Navy Logistic Support Element (LSE) - Middle East has been based in the Middle East since the First Gulf War (1990-1991) to provide logistic support to RAN units on operational assignment in the Persian Gulf. To operate effectivaly the LSE-ME works closely with other allied military forces and with local authorities. The LSE-ME provide support in the form of ship replenishment, medical services, and organisation of shore leave for ship's crew, to name a few. The motto of the LSE-ME is, 'Absolutely Anything Anywhere.'