Helmet plate : Sergeant S Holmes, 4 Regiment New South Wales Volunteer Infantry

Accession Number REL36941.003
Collection type Heraldry
Object type Badge
Physical description Nickel-plated brass
Maker Unknown
Date made c 1885-1901
Conflict Australian Colonial Forces, 1854-1900

Voided nickel-plated brass helmet plate as worn by members of the New South Wales colonial volunteer forces. The plate shows a cross with an eight-pointed star at the end of each arm and a lion in the centre, all within a wreath of waratahs surmounted by a Queen Victoria pattern crown. There are three brass lugs on the back of the plate for attachment of the helmet. The badge is slightly curved to fit the front of a pith helmet.

History / Summary

Born in Newcastle in 1859, Samuel Holmes joined the 4th Regiment New South Wales Volunteer Infantry in 1885, a year after it had been raised. The regiment was based at Newcastle, with companies in outlying districts. Holmes, living at West Wallsend, was a member of E Company, and was assigned the regimental number 387. He served for 40 years with the unit, and those that succeeded it : 4 Australian Infantry Regiment (1903-1908); 4 Infantry Regiment (1908-1911); 16 Australian Infantry Regiment (1911-1912); 16 Infantry (Newcastle) Battalion (1912-1913); 16 Infantry (Newcastle) Regiment (1913-1914) and 2 Infantry Regiment (1915-). Holmes rose to the rank of sergeant major. He was awarded the Colonial Auxiliary Forces Long Service Medal in March 1906. Holmes lived at Wallsend all his life. He died in 1945. This helmet plate was originally attached to the white cork helmet that was worn with Holmes' scarlet tunic (REL36941.001).