William Thomas Aldis Moran home movies of his service with the Royal Australian Navy and the Royal Navy 1935-1940

Accession Number F11472
Collection type Film
Measurement 1 hr 57 min 59 sec
Object type Home movie
Physical description 16mm/b&w and colour (Kodachrome)/silent
Maker Moran, William Thomas Alldis
Place made At sea, United Kingdom: England
Date made c 1935-1940
Access Open
Conflict Period 1930-1939
Second World War, 1939-1945

Item copyright: Copyright expired - public domain

Public Domain Mark This item is in the Public Domain


Reel 1. Titles: The arrival of HRH The Duke of Gloucester at Portsmouth in HMAS Australia March 1935 At sea in the fog with the 1st Cruiser Squadron and some destroyers. A sailing race in Plymouth Sound. A model of Drake’s Golden Hind. HMAS Brisbane arriving at Portsmouth to pay off July 1935. Some of the ships at Spithead for the Jubilee review 16th July 1936, Australia, Nelson, Rodney, Queen Elizabeth, Hood. The 1st Cruiser Squadron shooting at HMS Centaur the wireless controlled target ship. Interport swimming championship at Portsmouth 1935. A life saving display at Southsea by men from HMAS Australia and Southsea lifeguards. The flying flea (show). Catapult trials on HMAS Australia at Spithead. The ‘Seagull’ amphibian. A cross wind launch. Reel 2. 1st Cruiser Squadron Regatta Alexandria 1935. Alexandria harbour [aerials]. Gilly Gilly man comes on board. Italian liner Ausonia on fire (November 1935). After burning for 2 days [Ausonia burned for 5 days]. Bringing the crew of the Osprey onboard in the ‘Seagulls’ boat. [HMAS] Australia being taken in tow by ‘Berwick [HMAS Berwick RN County Class heavy cruiser 1927-1946]. The Captain takes a joy ride in the ‘Seagull’. The 1st Cruiser Squadron at sea off Alexandria. [HMS]Exeter, [HMAS] Australia and [HMS] Ajax at high speed. The dinner hour. Going off without a pilot. Watching the ‘Queen Bee’ [A radio-controlled target tug version of the Tiger Moth II called the DH.82B Queen Bee was built with nearly 300 in service at the start of World War II.] .One that was bought down. Renown, Barham, Queen Elizabeth and Valiant at Sea for “Queen Bee” practices. A Queen Bee that was not hit. The destroyer standing by to pick up the pieces. Another Queen Bee that was hit. Ajax and Australia firing at the Queen Bee. HMAS Australia. Reel 3. On the bridge HMS Despatch [Moran served as Torpedo Officer on HMS Despatch Feb-Sep 1936]. A high angle gun in action. Despatch taking a destroyer in tow. Haifa from Mount Carmel the 3rd Cruiser Squadron in harbour. The Captain of the Marines and PMO [Principle Marine Officer]. A game of bridge in the Mess. Painting the masts and funnels. A football match. The beach at Athlit near Haifa. The gunnery officer and his family. The PMO takes a dip. HMAS Enterprise brings Haile Selassie to Haifa. HMAS Despatch at full power. The 3rd Cruiser Squadron annual sports. HMS Despatch at Port Said. Saturday afternoon. Practicing for the regatta. An Italian sloop on the way to Abyssinia May 1936. Gunnery practice. Night gunnery practice. Reel 4. Titles: Molde, Norway. Folk dancing by the children at Molde. HMS Ramilies at Odda [served as Lt Cmdr with HMS Ramillies Sep 1937- Jan 1938]. The Laat Fosse near Odda. Hardangar Fjord. Boys doing the swimming test. Boys 6 inch firing [HMS Ramillies]. Reel 5. Adelboden Switerland. The Girl Guides Chalet. HMS Ramillies in the Atlantic. The guard and band parading for the colours. The Spanish insurgent cruiser ‘Almirante Cervera’ leaving Palma Majorca. HMS Ramillies at full speed. The coronation review of the Fleet by HM the King 1937 [20 May 1937]. The Japanese cruiser ‘Asigara’ [Ashigara, Myoko Class heavy cruiser]. Reel 6. Alexandria. Pompey’s Pillar. Still life.[shows an Egyptian sleeping]. The zoo at Alexandria. Malta. San Antonia gardens. Citta Vecchia. The milkman on his rounds. Shoats – crossbreeds between sheep and goats. The cathedral at Citta Vecchia. Musta Cathedral. An irrigation system. The beach at Ghain Tuffieha. Peter’s Pool. Leaving Malta Glorious, Shropshire, Valiant and Queen Elizabeth in the Grand Harbour. Nazareth. Arab women on the Jerusalem Road. Jacob’s well. The old quarters of Jerusalem. The Dome of the Rock. The walling wall. The garden and church of Gethsemane. The road between Haifa and Jerusalem. Cairo the citadel and mosque. Cairo from the citadel the Pyramids in the distance. The river Nile. The Great Pyramid. An Arab village near the Pyramids. Reel 7. Untitled BW - Shows family scenes? formal naval dinner, ship visit by family, HMAS Albatross transferred to the Royal Navy -July 1938, more ship visitors come aboard, ship band. Colour Shows yacht training ship Views from ship to shore Sydney. Long shot of County Class heavy cruiser HMAs Australia or Canberra –film date code 1945? Reel 8. [This reel is untitled.the following was taken from a note in the film can]. March through Melbourne. HMAS Australia. 1st Convoy 1940. Crossing the line. P. Brisbane survivors. Cheering Convoy. Gun Battery? Strath? [illegible]

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