Imperial German Model 1889 Sword and Scabbard : Chinese Forces, Boxer Rebellion

Place Asia: China
Accession Number RELAWM15904
Collection type Technology
Object type Edged weapon or club
Place made Germany
Date made c 1890
Conflict China, 1900-1901 (Boxer Uprising)

Imperial German Model 1889 sword and scabbard. The hilt has a half basket steel guard with a Chinese dragon as the cartouche badge. The grip is brown bakelite held to the tang by two steel rivets and has an oval steel pommel. The blade is a single edge, pipe back with a double edge spear point. The ricasso is stamped with E&F.HORSTER SOLINGEN and there is a leather washer wher the blade meets the guard. The steel scabbard is plain with two fixed rings on a bands at 50 mm and 150 mm from the throat which is held to the body by two screws. Attached to the lower ring is chain that is connected to a broken brown leather hanger strap with a brass buckle in the centre.

History / Summary

This sword was brought back from China by a member of the Victorian Naval Contingent in 1900.