Type 97 (1937) 81 mm Mortar captured by 2/9 Armoured Regiment

Place Asia: Malaysia, Labuan
Accession Number RELAWM27381
Collection type Technology
Object type Artillery
Physical description Paint, Steel
Place made Japan
Date made 1939
Conflict Second World War, 1939-1945

The Type 97 (1937) 81 mm mortar. An adjustable bipod featuring a traverse handle and elevation nut is attached to the barrel by a barrel collar. There is provision for a collimating telescope which can be attached to the traversing collimation screw by a dovetail mount bracket. The barrel is made from ordnance steel and has a blued finish. Japanese cyphers are on the base of the mortar barrel.

History / Summary

Type 97 mortar barrel used by the Imperial Japanese Army mortar crews with Type 97 mortars during the Second World War. This mortar barrel was captured at the 'Crater Feature Pocket' by elements of 'B' Squadron of the 2/9 Armoured Regiment at Labuan, British North Borneo.