No 3 Squadron RAAF Middle East, North Africa and Italy 1942-1945. No 38 Squadron RAAF Singapore 1951. No 11 Squadron, Malaya 1957.

Accession Number F03468
Collection type Film
Measurement 192 mins
Object type Home movie
Physical description 8mm standard/b&w/silent
Maker McRae, Kenneth Norman
Place made Algeria, British Mandate of Palestine: Haifa, British Mandate of Palestine: Palestine, Jerusalem, Egypt: Alexandria, Egypt: Memphis, Italy: Rome, Italy: Sicily, Malta, North Africa: Libya, Cyrenaica, Benghazi, North Africa: Libya, Cyrenaica, Derna, North Africa: Libya, Cyrenaica, Tobruk Area, Sidi Resegh, Singapore: Changi, Tunisia
Date made 1942-1945; 1951; 1957
Access Open
Conflict Second World War, 1939-1945
Malayan Emergency, 1948-1960
Copyright Item copyright: © Australian War Memorial
Creative Commons License This item is licensed under CC BY-NC

Activities of 3 Squadron RAAF in the Western Desert, North Africa, Sicily and Italy 1942-1945. Department of Information photographers Frank Hurley and Alan Anderson? unidentified walking to photographic vehicle. 3 Squadron RAAF pilots huddle looking at a map. Amiriya, Egypt, the Commanding Officer of 3 Sqn RAAF 714 Squadron Leader Robert H. 'Bobby' Gibbes DSO, DFC and Bar left leg in plaster holding cine camera. Cario various scenes of the city and RAAF on leave. The sea shore and harbour at Alexandria. P-40 Kittyhawks in the Western Desert starting engines. A dust storm. Alexandria, general scenes, swimming pool and a horse race. Nile Delta. Stanley Bay Beach. Western desert P-40s taxiing. Truck drives past transport RAAF personnel. P-40s airborne, flying overhead and buzzing airfield. Pilot deplaning. Wrecked P-40 of 250 Sqn RAF (code I-LD). Pan of airfield with parked P-40. Wrecked and burning P-40 of 450 Sqn RAAF. Desert scenes from moving vehicle, possibly Sinai. General views of desert town. Jerusalem general scenes. Australian First World War cemetry. Jordan. Dead Sea, ancient ruins and Bedouins. Haifa. Kibbutz - jam factory and dairy cows. The Daniel Sieff Research Institute. Wellington bomber flys low over head at Tel Aviv. 3 Sqn P-40 M-CV. 1000lb bomb slung under P-40. Refuelling P-40. 3 Sqn men pose for camera around a truck. P-40s taking off. A parked Hawker Hurricane. Aerial shot of P-40. Extreme long shot of P-40s flying and landing. Bomb armed 3 Squadron P-40 CV-J taxies on airfield ground crew sitting on wing. Medium shot up of P-40 CV-P. Beach scene. Stepped pyramids at Memphis near Cairo. Scenes inside tombs. Three 3 Sqn RAAF men standing infront of tent. Wrecked P-40, wreckage strewn around. Wreckage of P-40s CV-D and CV-W. Mechanics changing mainplane on P-40 CV-H AL-203. Desert airfield and tents. RAF Bristol Bombay transport aircraft flys over camera. Two shots of RAAF men in ambulance van waving at camera. Small desert town. Squadron on move. A truck with flat tyre. Wrecked German PzKpfw IV medium tank. Luftwaffe aircraft wrecks Ju-87 Stuka, Bf-109. Convoy advancing. Junkers Ju-88 bomber and other wrecked or abandoned aircraft. Bf-109 examined by RAAF. Wellington bomber with magnetic ring anti mine warfare aircraft. Burning allied trucks and aircraft? Road convoy. German aircraft wrecks. P-40 CV-B wreck being recovered by crane. Derna, engineers operating land mine detectors. Captured Luftwaffe Messerschmidt Bf-109 (code S9 OR). Captured Bf-109 repainted in 3 Sqn codes and RAF roundels. Squadron men board the German fighter and sit in cockpit. P-40 mainplane change with crane. Bf-109 in RAF markings ready for flight. P-40 takes off. Long shot of Wellington flying overhead. City march. RAF Spitfire is examined. Aircraft nose art depicting Australian kangaroo kicking a German crocodile. Lord Trenchard visits the Squadron. Umberto Maddalena. Bengahzi. RAAF men posing with Libyan boys and donkey. Sabratha, Roma ruins and bagpiper playing. Convoy moving up mountain road. Italian town D'Annunzio. Lockheed Lodestars and Spitfires taking off. RAAF maintenance personnel boarding Lockheed Lodestar of 267 Sqn RAF to fly to Marble Arch and take off. Airmen unloading stores. Bristol Bombay RAF transport aircraft. Pan of desert airfield. Douglas C-47 Dakota flys over airfield. Sqn returning from Marble Arch. Mess parade - Christmas dinner. Long Range Desert Patrol jeep visits squadron. Dust storm. Lodestar taking off. View from inside Lodestar in flight. Wrecked Bristol Bombay transport aircraft. 3 Sqn men pose for camera infront of tents. Aerial scenes flying to Tripoli. Aerial view of Tripoli. General scenes, Military Police directing traffic. Scottish troops on parade. Bastel Benito RAF B-24 Liberator bomber arrives with the Prime Minister Churchill and General Montgomery. USAAF P-38 Lockheed Lightning. RAF Spitfires. P-40 in USAAF colours and death's head nose art. City scenes. Abandoned Italian fighters and bombers - Savio Machetti SM 79, Breda and Fiat G50 Freccia. German Bf-109. Airfield hangars etc. Aircraft wrecks Fiat G50. Fiat CR42 biplane fighter salvaged and flown by 3 Sqn RAAF. Long shot of Junkers Ju-52 transport aircraft in RAF markings. RAF Mosquito fighters. Road convoy desert - palm trees, city and harbour. RAAF with Arab boys. Roman ruins. German war graves. Close up of an unknown German soldiers grave. City scenes including sports stadium. Roman ruins - mosaics. RAAF on back of covered trucks shaking hands with others boarding trucks and driving off. Town sign "Metameur Don Dunlop". 3 Sqn men pose for camera and driving off waving. Road convoy Sherman tank on transporter. Medenene, Tunisia. Wrecked PzKmpfIV. Burning British truck. Road convoy. Roman ruins. Low angle shot of poppies with P-40 in background. Berber and Tuareg nomads. Bostons fly overhead. Tunis, city streets war damaged buildings. French national flag flying from buildings. Burning German halftracks. Vichy French 155mm heavy artillery piece. French light machine guns. Dug in French 105mm field guns. Park of captured artillery and machine guns. Captured ammunition. Tunis? Panorama of city. RAAF group in open top car with "RAAF' stencilled on the side of the car waving to camera. General city scenes civilians Americans. Axis POWs behind barded wire enclosures. Men bathing in sea. 3 Squadron men and P-40s line up for visit by King George VI. King bestowing knighthood? King drives off 3 Squadron on parade raise a cheer. RAF P-40s sporting shark's mouth. Various longshots of parked aircraft. Spitfires and Mosquitos. Shipwrecks in the harbour. LSTs bound for Malta. Valetta harbour Malta. Bomb damaged buildings. Views of the city of Valetta and bomb damage. Voyage to Sicily aboard LST. Bivouac Sicily possibly Pachino. Captured Italian seaplanes. City scenes. Sicilian police pose for camera. C-47 parked on airfield. Air to air shot of C-47 in flight. Italian Breda 25 seaplane painted over in 3 Sqn colours. Caproni seaplane painted in 3 Sqn colours. Road convoy including Sherman tanks. Burning Italian/German bomber possibly shot on a raid. Probably Agnone airfield large bomb crater with 3 Sqn P-40 in background. Delay action bombs exploding. Men standing next to crater. Palermo? Flight to Italian mainland aboard C-47. Note shadows of C-47 on ground while in flight. RAAF men board truck. General city scenes possibly Taranto. Airfield possibly Grottaglie or Bari 3 Sqn P-40. Studies of 3 Sqn men. City scenes very dark. Mud fight after Christmas dinner. View of Capri. RAAF men with young Italian women. The Amato family pose for camera. 3 Sqn men in camp. Shots of P-40s P-CV, E-CV and G-CV taxying with groundcrew seated on wings. Close up of 3 Sqn crest. Close up of Co 3 Sqn RAAF Sqn Ldr Brian Eaton pilot seated in cockpit. Mount Viscuris? (Vesuvius?) Capri. Close up of RAAF with young girl. Ruins of Pompeii. US troops. Rome, banner "Welcome to the Liberators". Vatican. RAAF sightseeing. Victory parade through the streets. Italian women pose for camera. P-51 Mustangs parked on snow covered airfield possibly Fano as 3 Sqn re-quiped with the P-51 on 17 Nov 1944. Italian children. Adults pose with RAAF. Como. Cable car. Border post between Italy and Switzerland. Travel scenes. Women dancing around man. Lake Como very dark. Venice. Sign "This bridge took a bloody lot of building! Important watch your spacing." P-51 flying overhead. B-17 flying. Explosions in the distance at sea. Sign Carres? general views city and seaside. 3 Squadron P-51 CV-B taking off from beach at Cervia. Italian women sun bathing and picking flowers. Train ride. Venice, general views gondolas and St Marks. Snow fight very dark. Volcano eruption? No. 38 Squadron RAAF Singapore 1951. Changi Singapore Chinese workers. Airfield parked C-47 Dakotas. Indian girls. Servicing C-47. C-47 taking off. Loading 38 Squandron C-47 A65-120. Flight in C-47. Parachute drops. Interior of aircrew pushing out supplies by parachute. Tiger Balm Gardens. Parachute drop filmed from grond. Paratroops land on airfield. No. 11 Squadron, Malaya 1957. United States Navy Kaman helicopter. No. 11 Sqn Neptunes take off. US Constellation EW. USN Martin Flying boat. USN Grumman Tracker. Cemetery.

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  • Video of No 3 Squadron RAAF Middle East, North Africa and Italy 1942-1945. No 38 Squadron RAAF Singapore 1951. No 11 Squadron, Malaya 1957. (video)