[Various scenes of Australians in Vietnam]

Accession Number F03574
Collection type Film
Measurement 29 min
Object type To be confirmed
Physical description 16mm/colour (Ektachrome)/silent
Maker Defence Public Relations (DPR)
Place made Vietnam: Phuoc Tuy Province, Horseshoe Hill, Vietnam: Phuoc Tuy Province, Long Hai Hills, Vietnam: Phuoc Tuy Province, Nui Dat, Luscombe Airfield, Vietnam: Phuoc Tuy Province, Phuoc Le
Access Open
Conflict Vietnam, 1962-1975
Copyright Item copyright: © Australian War Memorial
Creative Commons License This item is licensed under CC BY-NC

Resupply to an infantry patrol out in the scrub and mail distribution. Engineer land clearing team armoured bulldozers at work. Infantry boarding No. 9 Squadron RAAF Iroquois helicopters at Eagle Farm helipad Nui Dat and helicopters taking off. A cordon and search of a Vietnamese village. A helicopter flight to the coast with aerial views of Nui Dat, the 'Horseshoe', the fence, salt pans, the Long Hai hills and other unidentified locations. A Viet Cong tunnel. Unidentified fire support base under construction completed weapons and mortar pits. Captured Viet Cong weapons arranged on the ground. The weapons include the American BAR, M-1, M-16, shotguns, and Soviet/Chinese AK-47, RPG-2 and light mortar. A variety captured VC small arms mounted on a display board inside a hut weapons include German and French light machine guns. AFV Provo Unit Det 1 ATF at Nui Dat. The damaged movie picture theatre at Baria. Iroquois helicopters at Kangaroo helipad Nui Dat. 'Wallaby flight' No. 35 Squadron RAAF Caribou lands at Luscombe airfield Nui Dat. A New Zealand officer briefing men at Nui Dat. No. 9 Squadron RAAF 'Bushranger' helicopter gunships in action firing Mini Gun, rockets and door gunner firing twin mounted M-60 machine guns. Eagle Farm helipad Nui Dat No. 9 Sqn RAAF Iroquois land and infantry patrol boarding and take off. Aerial view of helicopters. The landing zone and with infantry already in position with helicopters taking off. Medium shot of troops leaving Iroqouis.

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