Adelaide, SA. June 1917. Group portrait of Australian Army Nursing Service (AANS) sisters from ...

Accession Number A01240
Collection type Photograph
Object type Black & white - Glass original half plate negative
Maker Smith, W S
Place made Australia: South Australia, Adelaide
Date made June 1917
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918

Item copyright: Copyright expired - public domain

Public Domain Mark This item is in the Public Domain


Adelaide, SA. June 1917. Group portrait of Australian Army Nursing Service (AANS) sisters from Qld, NSW, Vic, Tas, and SA, bound for Salonica, Greece on the RMS Mooltan.
Shown, starting at front row, left to right: Unidentified (1); Staff Nurse (SN) Enid Rose Morgan-Jones of Enoggera, Qld (2); Unidentified (3); SN Henrietta Leary of Coogee, NSW (4); SN Marie Madeline Goulee Bass of Mosman, NSW (5); SN Gertrude Mary Cantwell of Sydney, NSW (6); SN Jessie Mary Breaden of Launceston, Tas (7); Lieutenant Pollitt (8); SN Jean Matilda Stanbury of Hawthorn, Vic (9); SN Jean Violet Victoria McColl of Colac, Vic (10); SN Lavinia Amelia Hardcastle of Enoggera, Qld (11); SN Ann Lowe (12); SN Jane McLellan of Enoggera, Qld (13); SN Gertrude Relf of Kangaroo Point, Qld (14); ?SN Myrtle Linda Kirk of East St Kilda, Vic (15); Sister Florence Elizabeth Paton of Stanmore, NSW (16); Sister Annie Isabella Griffiths of Chatswood, NSW (17); Sister M. Geddes (18); SN Kathleen Margaret Murray of St Kilda, Vic (19); SN Adele Baker of Penrith, NSW (20); Major Richards, Army Medical Corps (21); Miss Laura Hancock of Adelaide SA, Principal Matron, Home Service (22); Matron E. Weir (23); Lieutenant Colonel (Lt Col) Rodgers of SA, ex Commander Burford (24); Mrs Isaacs, Mayoress of Adelaide, SA (25); Mr Isaacs, Mayor of Adelaide, SA (26); Lt Col H. Russell of SA, Principal Medical Officer (27); Jessie McHardie White, Principal Matron (28); General Forsyth, Commandant (29); Mrs Vaughan (30); Mrs H. J. Holden of SA (31); Major Puddlebury, Deputy Assistant Adjutant General (32); Matron B. A. Campbell (33); Mrs S. G. Kelly of SA (34); SN Sophia Daniels of North Adelaide, SA (35); SN Katie Reid of Double Bay, NSW (36); Sister A. M. Hetherington (37); SN Alice Maud (Maud) Hannam of Sydney, NSW (38); SN Maud Margaret Lloyd of Sydney, NSW (39); Unidentified (40); SN Grace Annie Wright of Sydney, NSW (41); SN Vivian Alma Lee Shea of Sydney, NSW (42); SN Elizabeth Ellen Murrell of Eastwood, NSW (43); SN H. T. Wood (44); SN Leah Elizabeth Connah of Manly, NSW (45); SN Lilian Jane (Lily) Rutherford of Essendon, Vic (46); SN E. Watts (47); SN F. Giles (48); SN Zoe Irene Sydenham of Colac, Vic (49); SN Redford (50); Alice Mary Rowand of South Yarra, Vic (51); Sister Steel (52); SN Mary Elizabeth Carmichael of Stoney Creek, South Gippsland, Vic (53); SN Muriel Folder of Battery Point, Tas (54); SN Elliot (55); SN Alice Cecilia Scahill of Punchbowl, NSW (56); Unidentified (57); Sister Sorensen (58); SN Rosamund Brenda Atherton of Kangaroo Point, Qld (59); Sister Squiers (60); Unidentified (61); SN Ruby Evelyn Beresford of Latrobe, Tas (62); SN Clara Irene (Irene) Webb of Sydney, NSW (63); SN Isabel Frances Grace of Moonee Ponds, Vic (64); SN Annie Marion (Marion) Shand of North Sydney, NSW (65); SN Major Minnie West of Sydney, NSW (66); SN H. McRae (67); SN Catherine Evelyn McRae of Horsham, Vic (68); Unidentified (69); Sister Catherine Stone (70); SN Linda Gertrude Andrews of Kangaroo Point, Qld (71); Unidentified (72); SN Bessie Maud Kent of Enfield, NSW or Bertha Mary Kent of Adelaide, SA (73); SN Alice Jane Thompson of Balmain, NSW (74); SN Josephine Margaret Gannon of Sydney, NSW (75); SN Hilda Evelyn Hickson of Manly, NSW (76); Sister Mary Ann Hutton of Parkes, NSW (77); SN Ida Annie Burns of Sydney, NSW (78); Sister Prichard (79); Dorothy Richards Gregory of St Kilda, Vic (80); SN Nancy Guaran of St Kilda, Vic (81); SN R. Carmichael (82); SN Margaret Irene (Irene) Lang of East Geelong, Vic (83); SN Jessie Bassetti of Waverley, NSW (84); Sister Paulin Emily Cherry of Hobart, Tas (85); SN Isabel Yatala Mary Edwards of Kew, Vic (86); Unidentified (87); SN Shew (88); SN Minnie Agnes Cowan of Denman, NSW (89); SN Matthews (90); Sister E. M. Bolton (91); SN Myra Annie Grove of Warragul, Vic (92); SN Baker (93); SN O'Reilly (94); Unidentified (95); SN Dorothy Mary (Dot) Feneley of West Maitland, NSW (96); SN Rita Ahern of Darlinghurst, NSW (97); SN Margaret Maisie (Maisie) Bogle of Mossgiel, via Hay, NSW (98); SN Alice Davey of Darlinghurst, NSW (99); SN Ella Jane Mann of Petersham, NSW (100); SN Ada Irene Harvey of Sydney, NSW (101); Sister Louisa Devenish Meares of Petersham, NSW (102); SN Mabel Wood of Croydon, NSW (103); SN ?Majory (Marjorie) Lundy Dight Walker of Sydney, NSW (104); Unidentified (105); SN Eather Edith Coggins of Penrith, NSW (106); SN Ethel Maud Stewart Cameron of Wagga Wagga, NSW (107); SN Olive Mary Rose of Essendon, Vic (108); SN Adelina Marks of Stanmore, NSW (109); SN M. S. Manning (110); SN Lullu Williams (111); Milanie Treleaven Ambler of West Coburg, Vic (112); Mary Maria Mitchell of Moonee Ponds, Vic (113); SN Ethel Maud Biggs of Portarlington, Vic (114); SN Irene Ethel Seuling of Elsternwick, Vic (115); N. Hennessey (116); D. (?Harriett Ellima) Mogg of Malvern, Vic (117); Unidentified (118); ?SN Beatrice Annie Coves of Kangaroo Point, Qld (119); SN L. E. White (120); SN Annie Winifred McGrath of Sydney, NSW (121); Unidentified (122); SN Elizabeth Parker of Sydney, NSW (123); SN Frances Grace Furnifull of North Sydney, NSW (124); SN Lilian Katherine Robertson of Drummoyne, NSW (125); SN A. M. Kemp (126); SN Kathleen May Turvey of Sydney, NSW (127); ?Padre Nicholls (128); SN Lucy May Pitman of Fern Tree, Tas (129); SN Ethel MacFie of Darlinghurst, NSW (130); Unidentified (131); SN Margaret Healey of Geelong, Vic (132); SN Connelly (133); SN Leonara Maud Eadie of Beaufort, Vic (134); Unidentified (135); SN Kemp (136); Unidentified (137); Sister Emma Mary Duffy of Sydney, NSW (138); SN Linda Watson of Battery Point, Hobart, Tas (139); Unidentified (140); SN Mabel Lucie Hutchison of Brunswick, Vic (141); SN May McDonald of Mortlake, Vic (142); SN Maud Stokes of Condobolin, NSW (143); Sn Annie Beatrice Milligan of Muswellbrook, NSW (144); Sister Violet Kellick (145); SN Elsie Jane Gale of Nyngan, NSW (146); Sister Ethel Meta Horton of Alberton, Vic (147); Sister Florence Gertrude Gregson of Armadale, Vic (148); SN Genevieve Nimmo (May) Hocquard of Newcastle, NSW (149); SN Daphne Leonore Loder of Bondi, NSW (150); SN Norma Norham Scott of Hamilton, Vic (151); Unidentified (152); SN Doris Fanny Lambert of Darlinghurst, NSW (153); SN Kathleen Malvina Rogers of Windsor, Vic (154); SN Frances Isabelle Prescott of Malvern, Vic (155); SN Elizabeth Letitia Rose Holland of Wentworth, NSW (156); SN Ruby Constance Collins of Darlinghurst, NSW (157); SN Edith Dina Jackson of Auburn, Vic (158); SN Russell (159); SN McLellan (160); Sister K. B. Campbell (161); SN Emily Edith Parker of Leichhardt, NSW (162); Sister Daisy Davidson (163); Sister Baxter (164); Sister Draper (165); Sister Begley (166); Unidentified (167); SN Annie Isabella McKenzie of Darlinghurst, NSW (168); Sister West (169); Unidentified (170); Sister M. Mears (171); SN Kathleen Amy Cowen of Kangaroo Point, Qld (172); Unidentified (173); SN Edith Eileen Malcolm of Melbourne, Vic (174); SN Gladys Webster Jarrett of Middle Park, Vic (175); SN Ethel May Mead of Elsternwick, Vic (176); Unidentified (177); SN Annie McKinnon of Kingston PO, Vic (178); SN Jean Gay of Box Hill, Vic (179); SN Dora Frances McCormack of Wangaratta, Vic (180); Unidentified (181); Unidentified (182); SN Craigh (183); SN O. C. Campbell (184); SN Gertrude Reid (185); SN Isobel Chloe McEwan MacKenzie of Hampton, Vic (186); SN Aimee Eakins of Hawthorn, Vic (187); SN Linda May Oldfield of Glebe Point, NSW (188); SN Linda Attwill Halliday of Arncliffe, NSW (189); Sister Campbell (190); SN Katrine Hughes of Sandringham, Vic (191); SN Lily May Payne of Carboor, via Milawa, Vic (192); SN Constance Adelaide Horwood of Canterbury, Vic (193); SN Olive Margaret Templeton of Windsor, Vic (194); Unidentified (195); SN Gladys Lilian Popkin of Sydney, NSW (196); SN Kitty Thomas of Sydney, NSW (197); SN Eileen Baird of Darlinghurst, NSW (198); SN Grace (199); SN Ursula Ellen Holahan of Darlinghurst, NSW (200); Unidentified (201); Kathleen Clara Taylor of Woollahra, NSW (202); SN Elsie Major of Sydney, NSW (203); Unidentified (204); SN Christina May Wearne of Drummoyne, NSW (205); SN Ruby May Fitzgerald of Sydney, NSW (206); SN Edith Agnes Purdon of Bathurst, NSW (207); Unidentified (208); SN Gladys Elizabeth Clare Boon of Orange, NSW (209); Unidentified (210); Unidentified (211); SN Margaret Delahenty of Geelong, Vic (212); SN Rudpie (213); Unidentified (214); SN Effie McLeod of Ballarat, Vic (215); SN Ione Nowland of Ashfield, NSW (216); SN Alexandra Love Williamson of Auburn, Vic (217); SN Lily Marion Martin of North Sydney, NSW (218); SN McGee (219); SN Ellen Margaret Kavanagh of Goulburn, NSW (220); SN Helen Mabel Pierce of Darlinghurst, NSW (221); SN Florence Lee of Scone, NSW (222); SN E. McPhee (223); SN Lynch (224); SN Margaret Elizabeth (Elizabeth) Jones of Enoggera, Qld (225); SN C. J. Hughes (226); SN Grace Kathleen Foley of Kew, Vic (227); Julia Gertrude Kenny of Melbourne, Vic (228); Unidentified (229); SN Catherine Monckton of Enoggera, Qld (230); Unidentified (231); SN E. Coggins (232); SN T. Johns (233); SN Violet Jean Stirling of Kangaroo Point, Qld (234); Unidentified (235); SN Francis Elizabeth Noble of Epping, NSW (236); SN Amy Glenthora Bembrick of Epping, NSW (237); SN Cecil Dallis Wray of Sydney, NSW (238); Unidentified (239); SN Grace Mary Williamson (240); SN Gladys Leila Walter of North Sydney, NSW (241); SN Alice Elliott of Budgeree, via Boolarra, Vic (242); SN M. Elsie (Elsie) Jones of Mooroopna, Vic (243); SN Constance Emma Lindsay of Kangaroo Point, Qld (244); Unidentified (245); SN Dorothy Maud Traill of Cassilis, NSW (246); Unidentified (247).
See A01240K for position of those named in this caption.