Control unit No 2 Mk II (ZA10358) for Wireless set No 19 Mk 1 (Aust)

Accession Number REL30307.012
Collection type Technology
Object type Communications equipment
Place made Australia
Date made 1939-1945
Conflict Period 1950-1959
Second World War, 1939-1945
Period 1940-1949

Light grey painted box with one 3-position and one 2-position knob, maroon light-globe cover and 12-pin input socket. Missing base panel.

History / Summary

Control unit for WS19, a British-designed radio set fitted as standard equipment in Commonwealth vehicles (particularly Armoured Fighting Vehicles, eg. Matilda tanks) during the Second World War. In Canada alone, some 1000 examples were being produced per month by mid-1942. See for more type history.