United Nations Mission in Ethiopia/Eritrea (UNMEE) 2000 - 2008

Date from 01 January 2000
Date to 31 December 2008
Collection type Conflict
Scope note Total: 16 ADF officers. AO: Ethiopia and Eritrea In June 2000, after two years of fighting in a border dispute, Ethiopia and Eritrea signed a cessation of hostilities agreement following proximity talks led by Algeria and the Organisation of African Unity. In July, the Security Council set up United Nations Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea to maintain liaison with the parties and establish the mechanism for verifying the ceasefire. In September 2000, the Council authorised deployment within UNMEE of up to 4,200 military personnel. The mission involved the monitoring of the cessation of hostilities in the region, troop deployments and the temporary security zone between Ethiopia and Eritrea. The mission also provided assistance to the Ethiopian and Eritrean Border Commission talks on marking the international border. Australian Defence Force personnel were deployed to support the UNMEE in an observer capacity (United Nations Military Observer (UNMO). They worked in UNMEE Force Headquarters positions undertaking staff functions that included support engineering, military de-mining planning, mapping and geo-spatial advice, force training advice and training mission personnel.