Meteren, France. 6 March 1918. Group portrait of the NCOs of the 46th Battalion. Left to right, ...

Accession Number E01792
Collection type Photograph
Object type Black & white - Glass original whole plate negative
Maker Unknown Australian Official Photographer
Place made France: Nord Pas de Calais, Nord, Meteren
Date made 6 March 1918
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918

Item copyright: Copyright expired - public domain

Public Domain Mark This item is in the Public Domain


Meteren, France. 6 March 1918. Group portrait of the NCOs of the 46th Battalion. Left to right, back row: 3708 Corporal (Cpl) W. H. Collyer MM; 4948 Cpl J. W. Wilkinson; unidentified; 4322 Lance Corporal (LCpl) S. Logan; 2487 Sergeant (Sgt) B. N. Rollins MM; unidentified; 2244 Cpl R. Banfield; 3967 Cpl H. E. Wilson; 3868 Cpl E. A. Phillipson; 1916 Cpl P. O. Friend; unidentified; 3944 Cpl L. J. Webb; 1890 Cpl J. J. White DCM; 4730 Sgt W. Anderson; 1748 Cpl J. J. Larkin; 2412 Cpl T. Leroy; 4789 Cpl W. Dolan MM; 3959 Cpl T. Twomey; 1719 Sgt H. Lowe; 1828 Cpl G. Han; 945 Sgt H. J. Atkinson; 5159 Cpl N. E. Naylor; 4434 Cpl J. W. Atkinson; 1346 Cpl P. F. J. Lunn; 4562 Cpl L. W. Nicholls; 1958A Cpl H. D. Mowat; 2403 Sgt C. Johnson; 2581A Cpl A. E. Doherty; unidentified; 3873 Sgt D. L. Parry MM; unidentified; 3891 Sgt H. G. Ritter; 3735 LCpl C. C. Farnan; 1316 Sgt D. Hanna DCM; unidentified. Third row: 2935 Cpl C. V. Madden; 4145 Sgt V. J. Wasley; 1843 LCpl A. S. Bergmeier; unidentified; 3301 LCpl J. Hough; 5030 LCpl D. C. Anderson MM; 2872 LCpl C. F. Tait; 2422 Company Quartermaster Sergeant (CQMS) H. S. Handley; 3020 LCpl H. Bertram; 2749 Cpl G. I. Laughton; 1915 Sgt T. W. Thomas; 2230 Cpl W. J. Young; 3726 Cpl F. C. Dickinson; unidentified; 1857 Cpl C. L. Whitby; 1951 Cpl L. G. Hamilton; 5055 Sgt W. Brown; 1430 Sgt C. Bourke; 4335 Sgt R. Williamson; 2467 Sgt G. B. Morgan; 3968 Sgt E. A. Williams; 3129 Cpl S. C. Reiffle; 4265A Cpl A. Pittard; 4243 Cpl H. J. White; 2667 Sgt G. J. E. Hands; 2785 Sgt J. L. Mason MM; 688 Cpl J. E. Bell; 3720 Cpl E. Clutterbuck; 3797 Cpl W. H. Johnson; 4728 Cpl W. C. Ambross; 1957 Sgt L. M. R. Mowatt; unidentified; 3988 Cpl H. Wilhelm; next three men unidentified; 3292 Cpl J. McKay. Second row: 4451 Sgt R. Burton; 3133A Cpl H. G. Cumming MM; unidentified; 2404A Sgt S. L. Earl; 583 Sgt R. Welden; 80 Sgt J. C. Cherry MM; 2237 Sgt F. H. Micah; 2444 Sgt E. Armour MM; 1852 Sgt H. J. Greenwood MM; 4432 Sgt J. Archibald; 3862 Sgt P. Piggott MM; 2406A CQMS J. Livingstone; 3678 Company Sergeant Major (CSM) T. C. Angus; 3758 CSM F. J. Hurren; 3945 Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant (RQMS) G. Williams MSM; 242 RSM R. Little; 762 CSM A. Nowotna DCM; 695 CSM J. Croft; 2789A CQMS H. T. Batty; 3748 Sgt R. Goodall; 3269 Sgt A. J. Lee; 3835 Sgt W. E. Mitchell; 2169 Sgt S. J. Carr; 3795 Sgt T. C. Jones; 1725 Sgt W. H. Turner MM; 1835 Sgt J. T. Robinson; 1913 Sgt G. M. Jones MSM; 3112 Sgt E. H. Adams; 3291 Sgt S. Green; 3119 Sgt E. Pickersgill MM; 1853 Sgt F. T. Lemming; 2593 Sgt A. G. Gibson MSM; 1758 LCpl A. E. Pepper; 3189A LCpl W. P. Nairn. Front row: 763 Sgt G. Orpwood MM; 2527 LCpl D. S. Fraser MM; unidentified; 2474 LCpl A. E. Smith; 431 Cpl W. Decker; 3954 LCpl J. C. Weate; unidentified; 4733 LCpl E. T. Barrett; 4878 LCpl W. G. McIntyre; unidentified; unidentified; 3126 LCpl W. Revill; unidentified; unidentified; 2343 LCpl C. R. Hildebrand; unidentified; 1798 Lcpl F. E. Bott MM; 2303 LCpl W. M. Cameron; 2583 LCpl O. E. Nicholls; 2040 LCpl C. R. Bergstrom (Killed in action 29 August 1918); unidentified; 2726 LCpl T. Adams MM; unidentified; unidentified; 1954 LCpl G. N. Haskings; unidentified; 3794 LCpl G. Johnstone; 2045 LCpl Carey; 3262 Cpl G. A. Dunham; 3101 LCpl J. V. Taylor; 3108A LCpl R. Archer; 2554 Cpl N. L. French.