Group portrait of D Company of the 27th Battalion taken a few days prior to the marching out of ...

Accession Number E03949
Collection type Photograph
Object type Black & white - Glass original whole plate negative
Place made Belgium: Wallonie, Hainaut, Mont-sur-Marchienne
Date made 31 December 1918
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918

Item copyright: Copyright expired - public domain

Public Domain Mark This item is in the Public Domain


Group portrait of D Company of the 27th Battalion taken a few days prior to the marching out of the first quota for repatriation from this unit. Left to right, back row: 2337 Sergeant (Sgt) F. A. Cragen; B2511 Private (Pte) C. A. Oswald; 1751 Pte C. A. Nelson; 952 Lance Corporal (L Cpl) T. M. Bruce; B2399 Pte W. J. Dennis; 6177 Pte C. T. Wilson; 4796 Pte W. T. Chapman; 4168 Pte L. J. Mills; 4722 Pte A. H. T. Gully; 6335 Pte R. G. Traeger; 864 Pte R. Manning; 5075 Pte S. H. Symons; 5337 Pte A. J. Feder; 999 Pte H. E. Moodie; 2404 Pte A. J. H. Nielson; 792 Sgt G. H. Evans. Middle row: 3074 Pte W. A. Currie; 5057 Cpl R. E. Burnett; 5440 Pte J. Forgie; 6548 L Cpl A. O. W. Cook; 1074 Pte W. V. Hope; B2460 Cpl A. L. Pitman; Lieutenant (Lt) F. L. Taylor; Lt F. M. Summerfield; Lt K. R. Crewes MC; Captain J. L. Ross; Lt M. A. Cronin; Lt W. Read MC MM; 5787 Cpl J. C. Smith; 877 Pte P. F. McCann; 4726 Pte A. G. Harris; 883 Cpl J. C. Nettell; 2469 Pte R. T. Hoare; 5359 Pte C. H. Hollett; 2285 Pte H. Constable. Front row: 2259 Sgt J. Lugg MM; 2242 Sgt J. H. F. Ward; B2375 Sgt L. H. Burgess MM: 1982 Pte A. J. Sjostrom; 6105 Pte H. M. Jarrett MM; 5865 Pte J. Ingerton; 6659 L Cpl G. H. Symons; 3278 Pte J. Slattery; 1800 Pte A. D. R. Malthouse; 6021 L Cpl W. G. Smith; 6826 Pte E. H. Hillman; 5819 Pte A. J. C. Clark; 4777 Pte E. Walters; 6555 L Cpl J. H. Davey DCM; 2439 Pte J. D. M. Watson; 905 Sgt E. L. Robinson; 866 Sgt E. C. Mills; B2483 Sgt W. M. Smith MM; 3122 Sgt H. V. Goodwin.

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