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ID numberF01216
Collection typeFilm
TitleMilne Bay
Measurement10 min 24 sec
DownloadDownload video 45.63 MB
Object typeActuality footage
MakerBagnall, Frank N
Place madeNew Guinea: Papua New Guinea, Papua, Milne Bay, Turnbull Airstrip (Milne Bay)
Date made20 September 1942
DescriptionMilne Bay, New Guinea, 20 September 1942. Major-General C.A. Clowes, DSO, MC, GOC Milne Force, Squadron-Leaders K.W. Truscott, DFC, and L.D. Jackson are shown in this film, together with shots of captured Japanese equipment, climate and terrain conditions; the capsized M. Anshun; Kittyhawks of 75 and 76 Squadrons, RAAF, Poin Creek (where the Japanese were held and turned in the fighting for Milne Bay); troops embarking and under weigh on luggers; landing from luggers to check enemy landings; merchant vessels discharging cargo. Scenes where individuals are identified are: Face study of Major-General C.A. Clowes, DSO, MC, GOC Milne Force facing camera right smoking pipe. Squadron Leaders K.W. (Bluey) Truscott DFC and L.D. Jackson DFC leaning on wing of aircraft camera smoking cigarette, both wearing felt hats. Smiling AMF member facing camera in Japanese tank turret giving the thumbs up sign. Squadron Leader K.W. Truscott facing right Unidentified Flight Lieutenant facing up toward camera [could be either Warne or Sullivan]. Aircraft named Peter's Revenge refers to Peter Ash. Two pilots facing each other talking and laughing. The one on the right is Flying Officer John Rutherford the other is Frank Grovenor. Close up of Ross Glassop facing camera lfet smoking. Close up face study of George Pagan, leaning against tree facing camera right. Two laughing pilots pull a third reluctant officer towards camera - Rutherford on the the left unidentified on right, reluctant officer is Kerr. See also F01614 for newsreel version.

Please note: The film and sound collections of the Australian War Memorial includes items which may contain: historically or culturally sensitive images and terms, confronting depictions of the consequences of warfare, and/or, human suffering or death. This material does not reflect the viewpoint of the Memorial, but rather is representative of the social attitudes and circumstances of the period or place in which it was created and also the reality and human cost of warfare.

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