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ID numberF01967
Collection typeFilm
Title[Operation Barbarrosa: the Axis invasion of the Soviet Union. Rommel and Afrika Korps at Tobruk] (Die Deutsche Wochenschau) [1941] = (The German newsreel) [1941]
Measurement19 min
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Object typeNewsreel
Place madeGermany
Date madec June 1941
DescriptionA collection of German newsreels extracts and a travelogue c June 1941 covering the following topics. 1. Troops of the Waffen SS placing flowers on their dead comrades graves. 2. The German Army's advance from Bialystok in Soviet occupied Poland to Minsk, Belarus. 3. A travelogue on Egypt titled 'Rund um Kairo'. 4. Europe mobilises against Bolshevism, volunteers from Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands enlist to fight with Germany. The volunteers of the Spanish Blue Division arrive at Bordeaux on their way to the Russian Front. Mussolini reviews Italian troops. Rumanian troops parade through cheering crowds. The Slovak President Monsignor Josef Tiso reviews troops of the Slovak Army who had fought with Germany in the Polish campaign. Hungarian troops in a city parade. 5. The Finnish Soviet border near Salla, USSR, German Army Pioneers build a log road. An attack by Soviet bombers. German 88mm anti aircraft guns fire back. German Messerschimdt Bf-109 fighters intercept the bombers and sequence of gun camera film of an attack on a Soviet Ilyushin Il-4 twin engine bomber. Junkers Ju-87 Stukas dive bombers take of from an airfield to attack Soviet positions near Salla. Shows the Stukas in flight and bombing attacks. Bf-109s strafe Soviet shipping in the White Sea. 6. The Rumanian Front, Rumanian troops advancing. German forces crossing the Pruth River and advancing into Soviet Bessarbia. 7. The German troops entering Pomoshnaya, Ukraine are welcomed as liberators. View of the ruins of the town destroyed by the retreating Soviet troops. Ukrainians smash statues of Jozef Stalin. The Kiev sector, Ukraine, the destruction of a Soviet motorized column by Ju-87 Stukas. The slogan ' 2/ Regiment General-Goering unserem Fuerher Gestiftet! Dubno 29.6.41' painted on the side of a knocked out Soviet Kliment Voroshilov 2 Heavy Artillery Tank. Troops of the Waffen SS escorting Soviet POWs. 8. Paris, France General Obsert von Kuechler inspects a German propaganda unit and will be celebrating his 60th birthday in a few days. 9. With the Afrika Korps at Tobruk, General Erwin Rommel arrives in a Fiesler Storch liaison aircraft and meets with the Italian General Garibaldi. Rommel inspects a knocked out British Matilda Tank. German artillery shell the Allied positions. Scene of captured Allied POWs (possibly Australians). Ju-87 Stukas attack British armour. Commentary in German.

Please note: The film and sound collections of the Australian War Memorial includes items which may contain: historically or culturally sensitive images and terms, confronting depictions of the consequences of warfare, and/or, human suffering or death. This material does not reflect the viewpoint of the Memorial, but rather is representative of the social attitudes and circumstances of the period or place in which it was created and also the reality and human cost of warfare.

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