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ID numberF04912
Collection typeFilm
TitleVeteran RAAF Squadron in the desert
Measurement11 min
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Object typeActuality footage
MakerParer, Damien Peter
Place madeNorth Africa: Western Desert, Western Desert (Egypt), Sidi Barrani
Date madeOctober 1941-November 1941
DescriptionNo 3 Squadron RAAF based Sidi Barrani, Western Desert Egypt circa October-November 1941. [The] old Squadron Leader [Peter Jeffrey DFC] talking to his men for the last time. Airmen formed up listening to the 'Boss' talking. Camera tracks showing the rows of men listening. Men listening, various dress and headgear can be seen as there is not time to dress up when the job is to be done, even one Italian hat adorns the head of one airman a relic of the first desert push. Men listening. The old Squadron Leader now Wing Commander finishes talking and turns round to the new Squadron Leader [Alan Rawlinson, DFC] salutes and speaks to him. The two men shake hands and walk off. Tent with some men around it, one rolls a tyre along, the camera pans with him and finishes on a group of men changing a wheel of a Tomahawk. Changing the wheel showing the aerodrome in the background. Airman sees if the oil in the Tomahawk is OK. Showing a number of planes some men working and two men walk across. Filling a Tomahawk with petrol. A pilot looks up at the sky. Group of pilots sitting on the ground, a man dashes to them and they get up and run quickly to their planes. Pilots getting into their cockpits. Pilot in cockpit as seen through the front windscreen and Perspex this transparent material is very thick and affords much protection to the pilot. Pilot in cockpit, he bends down and lifts out his monkey which has been snuggled into the works. This monkey has been with the squadron since they passed through Bombay, she even drinks at the mess. Propeller starts to revolve and camera pans to show pilot in cockpit. Tomahawks lined up and start to go. Planes start and leave a beautiful plume of dust behind them as they take off. They take off from dead in front the planes come over the camera in the form of a 'V'. Planes fly past in the distance. Tomahawks fly in formation [eight shots]. The next ten shots show the Tomahawks actually doing strafing practice they dive down on the target and let fly with their guns. Owing to the distance at which the guns are fired you see bullets hit the ground some seconds before the plane. Three planes land in formation. Plane comes past camera as it comes to rest. [Complete version of F01147].

Please note: The film and sound collections of the Australian War Memorial includes items which may contain: historically or culturally sensitive images and terms, confronting depictions of the consequences of warfare, and/or, human suffering or death. This material does not reflect the viewpoint of the Memorial, but rather is representative of the social attitudes and circumstances of the period or place in which it was created and also the reality and human cost of warfare.

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