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ID numberF06936
Collection typeFilm
TitleTake an oath to Mount Fuji: record of young tank soldier's training
Measurement13 min 53 sec
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Object type
  • Training and Technical films
  • Short film
MakerNippon Eigasha
Place madeJapan
Date made1942
DescriptionAn Nippon Eigsha (Japan Film Company) Incorporated production edited by the Army Amoured Forces Headquarters. Acompanying songs 'Take an oath to Mount Fuiji' words written by Atsuo Oki composed by Taiko Niki. 'Young tank soldeirs' song' available as Nichi Ku Record No. 100697. After the introductory titles the first shot is of Mount Fuji then dissolve showing a stone pillar with a sign that reads " Army tank training school for boys". The film then shows the activities at the tank school located near Mount Fuji. Scenes include tankmen in physical training, driver training, cross country manoeuvers and tank maintenance. The last inter title reads "They train hard day after day''. Tanks featured are the Type 97 Chi-Ha Medium Tanks.

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