Australia's commission of the International Commission of military history /Barry Clissold.

Collection type Library
Author Clissold, Barry.;
Call Number C 355.00994 S118
Document type Journal Article
Year 1990
Citation Sabretache : the journal of the Military Collectors Society of Australia. Sabretache : the journal of the Military Historical Society of Australia.: 1990, 31, 3
Pagination 25

Review of issue No 72 of Internationale d'Histoire Militaire.
Included in the essays in the No 72 issue of Internationale d'Histoire Militaire was 3 essays on.
1 - Ken Inglis's ANZAC and Australian Military tradition
2 - Bean and Bullecourt by Eric Andrews
3 - What manner of victory ?. Reflections on the termination of the First World War - by Robin Prior and Trevor Wilson.