Weapons of mass destruction and terrorism / edited by Alan O'Day.

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Author O'Day, Alan.;
Call Number 327.1745 W362
Document type Monograph
Year 2004.
Pagination ix, 381 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
Publisher Ashgate Publishing,
Note Includes index. Includes bibliographical references and index.
Place made Aldershot, Hants. :

Terrorist use of weapons of mass destruction : how serious is the threat? / Andrew O''Neil -- Hypothetical integrative medical strategies for the prevention and treatment of bio-terrorism incidents / Jeffry L. Anderson ... [et al.] -- Globalization meets F rankenstein? Reflections on terrorism, nuclearity, and global technopolitical discourse / Gabrielle Hecht -- Challenges associated with creating a pharmaceutical stockpile to respond to a terrorist event / R. Havlak, S. E. Gorman, S. A. Adams -- Biologica l weapons and bioterrorism preparedness : importance of public-health awareness and international cooperation / R. Roffrey ... [et al.] -- Terrorists, WMD and the US Army Reserve / Charles L. Mercier, jr -- Defusing nuclear terror / Jeffrey Richelson -- K eeping track of anthrax : the case of a biosecurity convention / Michael Barletta, Amy Sands, Jonathan B. Tucker -- Confronting nuclear, biological and chemical terrorism / Richard A. Falkenrath -- Biological terrorism and public health / Christopher F. C hyba -- Smallpox : a potential agent of bioterrorism / Richard J. Whitley -- The prospect of nuclear and biological terrorism / Joseph W. Foxell, jr -- Report of the CIMERC/Drexel University Emergency Department Terrorism Preparedness Consensus Panel / Mi chael I. Greenberg, Robert G. Hendrickson -- Trends in bio-terrorism : two generations of potential weapons / Joseph W. Foxell, jr -- Audience and message : assessing terrorist WMD potential / Daniel S. Gressang IV -- Responding to chemical, biological, o r nuclear terrorism : the indirect and long-term health effects may present the greatest challenge / Kenneth C. Hyams, Frances M. Murphy, Simon Wessely -- Chemical warfare and chemical terrorism : psychological and performance outcomes / James A. Romano, jr, James M. King -- Redefining NATO''S mission : WMD terrorism / Richard G. Lugar -- The threat of biological terrorism in the new millennium / Steven Kuhr, Jerome M. Hauer -- Bioethics after the terror / Jonathan D. Moreno -- Dimensions of biological ter rorism : to what must we mitigate and respond? / Henry W. Fischer III -- Mitigation and response planning in a bio-terrorist attack / (1999), ; Henry W. Fischer III -- WMD terrorism : an exchange / Karl-Heinz Kamp ... [et al.] -- The threat of nuclear ter rorism / Jack Harris -- A perspective : risk analysis as a tool for reducing the risks of terrorism / Paul F. Deisler, jr -- Nuclear terrorism and warhead control in Russia / Jon B. Wolfsthal and Tom Z. Collina -- A new vigilance : identifying and reducin g the risks of environmental terrorism / Elizabeth L. Chalecki -- When terror strikes, who should respond? / Aaron Weiss -- Epilegomena to a silence : nuclear weapons, terrorism and the moment of concern / Achilles Skordas.00000000000000000.

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