Epitaph to the missing agencies which abandon the unrecovered AIF dead on the Western Front / Brenton J. Brooks (author).

Collection type Library
Author Brenton, J. Brooks.;
Call Number C 355.00994 S118
Document type Journal Article
Year 2020
Citation Sabretache : the journal of the Military Collectors Society of Australia. Sabretache : the journal of the Military Historical Society of Australia.: 2020, 61, 2
Pagination Pages 40 - 44

The author gives a brief history of the Imperial War Graves Commission and how they were tasked with finding missing war dead. The author states that after a few years, this was stopped. Mainly due to the fact that the French farmers were cultivating their fields so the war dead were doomed to remain missing.  To make sure that these dead were not forgotten, their names were added to memorials. The author goes on to describe how currently it is up to the Uncovered War Casualties - Army to find AIF missing from the First World War.  The author gives an example of how in 2018 , 86 men of the 45th Battalion were located. The author concludes by stating that over a quarter of AIF dead on  the Western Front have not been recovered.