The songs of Scotland, Vol. 1 : a collection of one hundred and ninety songs / the music edited by J. Pittman and Colin Brown ; the poetry edited (with notes) by Charles Mackay.

Collection type Library
Author Mackay, Charles, 1814-1889.; Pittman, J. (Josiah), 1816-1886; Brown, Colin, 1818-1896;
Call Number Sheet music 440
Document type Printed Music
Year [1877?]
Pagination xii, 223, 4 p. ; 26 cm.
Publisher Boosey & Co.,
Note For voice and piano.
Place made London

"Bonnie Dundee"; "Jessie, the flower o' Dumblane"; "Annie laurie"; "Huntingtower; or, when ye gang awa, jamie"; "The piper of Dundee"; "Here awa', there awa"; "Jock o' Hazeldean"; "The land o' the leal"; "Within a mile or Edinburgh town"; "There's nae luc k about the house"; "Logie o' Buchan"; "Get up and bar the door"; "The campbells are comin'"; "Blue bonnets over the border"; "Caller herrin'"; "Ae fond kiss, and then we sever"; "My love she's but a lassie yet"; "O nannie, wilt thou gang wi' me?"; "O whi stle and I'll come to you, my lad"; "Scots, wha hae wi' wallace bled!"; "The blue bells of Scotland"; "Roy's wife of Aldivalloch"; "The waefu' heart"; "A highland lad my love was born"; "The lass o' Gowrie"; "War's me for prince charlie"; "Auld robin gray "; "The boatie rows"; "Twa bonnie maidens"; "Green grow the rashes, o"; "My love is like a red, red rose"; "A man's a man for a' that"; "Duncan gray"; "Roslin castle"; "Pibroch of Donuil Dhu"; "Braw, braw lads"; "O waly, waly up the bank"; "O, saw ye bonn ie lesley?"; "Auld rob morris"; "Farewell to Lochaber"; "Charlie is my darling"; "Mary morison"; "In the garb of the old Gaul"; "The deil's awa wi' the exciseman"; "Lord gregory"; "The ewe-bughts"; "The birks of Aberfeldy"; "And ye shall walk in silk atti re"; "The winter it is past"; "Saw ye johnnie comin'?"; "Thou hast left me ever, jamie"; "My heart is sair for somebody"; "What's a' the steer, kimmer?"; "John anderson, my jo"; "O love will venture in"; "Good night and joy be wi' ye a'"; "My heart's in t he Highlands"; "There'll never be peace until jamie comes hame"; "The year that's awa'"; "My ain fireside"; "Tak' your auld cloak about ye"; "The braes of Balquhidder"; "Highland mary"; "O' a' the airts the win' can blaw"; "Maggie lauder"; "O puirtith cau ld"; "I hae laid a herrin' in saut"; "Turn again, thou fair eliza"; "The yellow-hair'd laddie"; "Logan water"; "Robin adair"; "My wife's a winsome wee thing"; "Last may a braw wooer"; "There was a lad was born in Kyle"; "Whistle o'er the lave o't"; "The f lowers o' the forest"; "Gloomy winter's now awa'"; "My nannie, o"; "O, saw ye my wee thing?"; "Bide ye yet"; "She's fair and fause"; "The deuks dang ow're my daddie"; "My tocher's the jewel"; "Craigie-burn wood"; "The maid of Islay"; "Auld lang syne"; "Wh en the king comes owre the water"; "Hey, johnnie cope"; "Allister macallister"; "The braes of Yarrow; or, busk ye, busk ye, my bonnie, bonnie wife"; "The bush aboon Traquair"; "Cauld kail in Aberdeen"; "I'm owre young to marry yet"; "The lass of patie's m ill"; "Smile again, my bonnie lassie"; "The soldier's return"; "Bonnie wee thing"; "O, true love is a boonie flower"; "Lassie wi' the lint-white locks"; "The ewie wi' the crooked horn"; "O'er the muir amang the heather"; "Come under my plaidie"; "Gin a bo dy meet a body"; "The wee, wee German lairdie"; "Oh wert thou in the cauld blast"; "Tam Glen"; "I lo'e na a laddie but ane"; "The bonnie house o' airlie"; "Woo'd and married and a'"; "The weary pund o' tow"; "Kind robin lo'es me"; "The broom o' the Cowden knowes"; "Lewie gordon"; "Afton water"; "O, dinna think, bonnie lassie"; "Where are the joys?"; "My boy tammie"; "Ye banks and braes o' bonny doon"; "The birks of invermay"; "John of Badenyon"; "Gilderoy"; "Polly stewart"; "Ca' the ewes to the knowes"; "A wa', whigs, awa'"; "Leezie lindsay"; "O, this is no my ain lassie"; "The lea-rig"; "Muirland willie"; "He's owre the hills"; "Up in the morning early"; "Oh! open the door"; "O, wae's me for prince charlie!"; "Wilt thou be my dearie?"; "Kelvin grove"; "Lai rd o' Cockpen"; "The Lowlands o' Holland"; "The lament of flora macdonald"; "Mary's dream"; "My only joe and dearie"; "Wha wadna fecht for charlie?"; "The bonnie brier-bush"; "The lily of the vale is sweet"; "Lord ronald"; "My love's in Germanie"; "Welcom e, royal charlie"; "Cam' ye by Athol"; "Bonnie jean"; "Farewell, thou fair day"; "Blythe, blythe and merry was she"; "We're a' noddin'"; "I gaed a waefu' gate yestreen"; "Gae bring to me a pint o' wine"; "Oh hush thee, my baby!"; "Loudon's bonnie woods an d braes"; "Weel may the keel row"; "Merry may the keel row"; "My wife has ta'en the gee"; "Wha'll be king but charlie?"; "My mither's aye glow'rin' owre me"; "Jenny's bawbee"; "Dainty davie"; "My nannie's awa'"; "And oh! for ane-and-twenty, tam!"; "O, spe dd, lord nithsdale"; "Come o'er the stream, charlie"; "Here's a health to ane I lo'e dear"; "When the kye come hame"; "The maid of Glenconnel"; "For lack of gold"; "Auld joe nicolson'd bonnie nannie"; "Bonnie laddie, Highland laddie"; "Aye wakin;, o!"; "T he Highland watch"; "O, willie brew'd a peck o' maut"; "O, wha is she that lo'es me?"; "What ails this heart o' mine"; "Tullochgorum"; "The blude red rose at Yule may blaw"; "A rose-bud by my early walk"; "Corn rigs are bonnie"; "John grumlie"; "The braes aboon Bonaw"; "Barbara allan"; "My ain kind dearie, o"; "The last time I came o'er the muir"; "My jo janet".

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