Outdoor group portrait of the Transport Section of the 2/43 Battalion. Identified from left to ...

Place Oceania: Australia, South Australia, Adelaide
Accession Number P00428.001
Collection type Photograph
Object type Black & white
Physical description Black & white
Maker Boase, Frank
Date made June 1940 - December 1940
Conflict Second World War, 1939-1945

Item copyright: Copyright expired - public domain

Public Domain Mark This item is in the Public Domain


Outdoor group portrait of the Transport Section of the 2/43 Battalion. Identified from left to right, back row: SX6312 Private (Pte) Allan Dosen Hosie; SX5295 Pte Edgar Bert Scutter; SX5537 Pte William Parker Goldsmith; SX5212 Pte Lewis Osborne Irwin; SX7115 Pte Thomas Albert Montgomerie; SX7149 Pte Herbert Kintore Gosden; SX6355 Pte Thomas Arthur Wearing; SX7148 Pte James Garfield Gower (later killed in action in New Guinea on 14 September 1943); SX7170 Pte Alexander Walker Stein; SX5077 Pte Harley Keith Williams (later died of illness in Ipswich, Queensland on 13 October 1943); SX4559 Pte Dudley Mortimer Bailey; SX5325 Pte Glanville John Michael; SX6372 Pte Leonard John Hayden; SX7158 Pte Victor Ronald Carnell; SX5062 Pte William Kerin Richardson; SX7188 Pte Laurie Lumbert Summers; and SX5779 Pte Ivor Dunstan Shute.
Second row: SX5470 Pte Thomas Peter Reid (later died of illness in Mackay, Queensland on 16 February 1945); SX6486 Pte William Alexander Lindstrom; SX6581 Pte Walter Henry Josephs; SX6661 Pte Roy Oliver Hannemann; SX5472 Pte William Baxendale Staveley; SX5223 Pte Arthur James Aldridge; SX5823 Pte George Ernest Gay (later killed in action at El Alamein, Egypt on 27 July 1942); SX5671 Pte Maxwell Gordon Hall (later died of illness in Adelaide, South Australia on 22 February 1944); SX5534 Pte Reginald William Prowse; SX8419 Pte Clement Brook; SX6647 Pte Geoffrey Robert Davy; SX5743 Pte Stanley Hodgson Lister; SX5219 Pte Malcolm Cameron Parnell Burton; SX5225 Pte Douglas Dundas Malcolm; SX6545 Pte Alexander Thomas Smith Blair; and SX7187 Pte John Francis Summers.
Third row: SX5641 Pte Lenard Andrew Reid; SX6417 Pte Percy Prettejohn; SX5637 Pte David Francis Heffernan; SX5237 Pte Harold George Nuske; SX7172 Corporal (Cpl) James Darrie Tunnah (later Lieutenant); SX2952 Sergeant (Sgt) Thomas James Gilchrist (later Lieutenant); Lieutenant Edward Waterfield Haywood (later Lieutenant Colonel); SX9591 Sgt Richard Regiland Tothill; SX6182 Cpl Cecil Way Waters; SX6983 Cpl James Hedley Webb (later Warrant Officer Class II); SX5638 Pte Ernest Charles Heffernan; SX8705 Pte William Edward Claude Munro; SX8580 Pte Thomas Louie Schulz; SX8994 Pte Carlton George Zippe (later killed in action at El Alamein, Egypt on 17 July 1942); SX8668 Pte William James Gluis; and SX5432 Pte William Arnold McGregor Trezise (later killed in action in New Guinea on 14 September 1943);
Front row: SX5725 Pte Alan Roy Bansemer; SX8582 Pte Harold Thomas Dodd; SX6544 Pte John Henry Schulz; SX7754 Pte Herbert Andrew Higgins; SX6654 Pte William Lloyd Haydon: SX8484 Pte Ernest Graham Freer; SX7308 Pte Thomas Lionel Wadrop; SX8475 Pte John Gordon Tredrea; SX5501 Pte Edmond Francis Ahwan; SX8228 Pte Eric Thomas Baldock; SX8522 Pte William Thomas Charles Saunders; and SX5482 Pte Gordon Brook