Image copyright: © Australian War Memorial licensed copyright,

ID number P01404.013
Collection Photograph
Object type Black & white
Photographer Carpay, Gabriell (Gabe)
Place made Vietnam: Phuoc Tuy Province, Nui Dat
Date made 25 October 1966
Physical description Black & white
Copyright holder Carpay, Marguerite Anne


To Thi Nau, a 23 year old Viet Cong woman prisoner captured in the Nui Dinh Hills with a radio. She was subsequently proven to be a National Liberation Front cadre active in its propaganda, indoctrination and intelligence gathering. After being captured, she was interrogated in a tent at the 1st Australian Task Force Base (1ATF) by Detachment 1 Division Intelligence Unit for approximately 30 minute before being handed over to the Republic of Vietnam (RVN) authorities. During the interrogation, the warrant officer in charge tried to frighten her as much as possible in order to obtain information and threaten to give her the 'water treatment' and tried to pour water into her mouth, forcing her to swallow about a cup of water before other officers intervened. There had been much controversy over this alleged 'water torture' incident and images held at P01404.006 and P01404.020 relate to it.