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ID number P02285.010
Collection Photograph
Object type Black & white
Date made December 1952
Physical description Black & white


Group portrait of members of No. 77 (Fighter) Squadron RAAF in front of a Gloster Meteor Mark VIII jet fighter aircraft on the tarmac. Identified from left to right, back row (standing): (1) probably O22045 Flying Officer (FO) John David Alford; (2) probably A33275 Flight Sergeant (Flt Sgt) David Anderson Ramsay; (3) O4425 Flight Lieutenant (Flt Lt) Donald Hillier (missing on flying operations over Korea on 8 March 1953 and presumed killed in action); (4) probably O35079 Sergeant (Sgt) Peter Botley Chalmers; (5) O5833 Squadron Leader (Sqn Ldr) John Wilkins Hubble; (6) an unidentified officer. Third row (seated on bench): (1) O5309 Pilot Officer (PO) John Beverley Halley (assumed missing, presumed killed in a flying battle 11 February 1953) ; (2) FO Holmes RAF ; (3) unidentified RAAF; (4) unidentified RAF; (5) unidentified RAAF; (6) unidentified RAF; (7) unidentified RAF; (8) O2219 Flt Lt Peter Cooney ; (9) unidentified; (10) unidentified; (11) unidentified; (12) unidentified. Second row (seated on bench): (1) unidentified RAAF; (2) probably O22017 FO Kenneth Henry Godfrey; (3) FO Arnott RAF; (4) unidentified RAAF; (5) unidentified RAAF; (6) unidentified RAF; (7) unidentified RAF; (8) unidentified RAAF; (9) A22790 Flt Sgt Kenneth James Murray ; (10) unidentified RAAF. Front row (seated on chairs): O11371 FO Douglas Charles Hurst; O3104 Wing Commander Jack Royston Kinninmont (Commanding Officer); O22005 Sqn Ldr Frederick James Lawrenson (missing on flying operations over Korea on 24 December 1952 and presumed killed in action). Also thought to be in the photograph (positions unknown) are: O33284 PO Bernard Thomas Mullen; Flt Lt Babst; O25604 Flt Lt John Ronald Rose; O11475 PO John William Slater; O35090 Sgt George Spalding Hale; A35096 Sgt Henry Edward Jones; O33618 Flt Lt Vincent Jerome Hill; O5827 FO Brian Joy; Flt Lt Albert Hoogland RAF; FO Bryan Michael Burley; Flt Lt Michael Whitworth-Jones RAF; O35498 Sgt Raymond Francis (Len) Fox; O33271 FO Randall Robert Green; and O5856 Sqn Ldr Ernest William Tonkin.