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ID number P04025.010
Collection Photograph
Object type Black & white - Glass original half plate negative
Maker Unknown (Photographer)
Place made Australia: South Australia
Date made c October 1916


Outdoors group portrait of the 7th Reinforcement, 43rd Battalion, which embarked from Adelaide aboard HMAT Borda on 23 June 1917. Second Lieutenant (2nd Lt) Arthur Leopold Norris-Smith; 2nd Lt Robert William Scott; 874 Private (Pte) Peter Farrell; 3006 Pte George Andrew Halliday; 3007 Pte Louis Morton Humphrey; 3008 Sergeant (Sgt) John Mercer; 3009 Pte Harry Hurlston Richardson; 3010 Staff Sergeant Charles Lionel Spriggins; 3011 Company Sergeant Major (Warrant Officer Class 2) Robert Crane Andres; 3012 Sgt Arthur Harold Mortimer; 3013 Pte Taiesin Griffith Jones; 3014 Pte George Osborn Penn; 3015 Pte John Tassie; 3016 Pte Henry Nankivell; 3017 Pte John Badman; 3018 Pte Arthur Wellesley Burton; 3020 Pte Sydney Roy Allen; 3021 Robert William Adams; 3022 Pte Lionel Adams; 3023 Pte Claude Leonard Burgess; 3024 Pte David Reid Brown; 3025 Pte Leo Elston Burford; 3026 Pte Joshua John Ball; 3027 Pte Sydney Bridgwater; 3028 Pte Arnold Berg; 3029 Pte Leslie Frederick Ambrose Bailey; 3030 Pte James Henry Calton; 3031 Pte George James Cole; 3033 Pte William Ivor Cleave; 3034 Pte John Eugene Curtis; 3035 Pte Patrick Crimmins; 3036 Pte Charles Lamplough Creed; 3037 Pte Charles George Compton; 3038 Pte George Edwin Charles Samuel Jubilee Curtis; 3039 Pte William Henry Crase; 3040 Pte Thomas Henry Spencer Carthew; 3041 Pte William Arthur Conlin; 3042 Pte Patrick Carey; 3043 Pte James Thomas Cavanagh; 3044 Pte Harold Gordon Colebatch; 3045 Pte John Crook; 3046 Pte Alfred John Charles; 3047 Pte Alfred Keith Chambers; 3048 Pte William Alfred Victor Cowan; 3049 Pte Maurice Rueban Sanders; 3050 Pte John Haydon Davies; 3051 Pte Barney Davis; 3052 Pte Francis Lawrence Donnelly; 3053 Pte Charles Wagner Drechsler; 3054 Pte Garfield James Day; 3055 Pte William James Deer; 3056 Pte John Duval Edwards; 3057 Pte George Elliott; 3058 Pte Minter Curwood Farmer; 3059 Pte Henry Fountain; 3060 Pte Raymond Clarence Grivell; 3062 Pte Walter Harold Leslie Norman; 3063 Pte Percy Samuel Hooper; 3064 Kenneth Edgar Horne; 3065 Pte Thomas Holtham; 3066 Pte Thomas Heitman; 3067 Pte James Harvey; 3069 Pte Stanley Clyde Hamilton Pearce Hooper; 3071 Pte Wesley Arthur Hann; 3072 Pte Carl Aloysius Harding; 3073 Pte Raymond Harman; 3074 Pte Frederick Ernest Harris; 7075 Pte John Hart Inglis; 3076 Pte Stanley Garfield Illman; 3077 Pte Philip Jones; 3078 Pte Herbert Clifford Kadow; 3080 Pte Herbert Edwin King; 3081 Pte Arnold Kemp; 3082 Pte Roy Sydney Loader; 3083 Pte Daniel Lucy (alias Daniel Lucey); 3084 Pte Albert Ludlow; 3085 Pte Charles Leaden; 3086 Pte David Leslie Lithgow; 3087 Pte John Aird Lawrie; 3088 Pte William Lawrie; 3089 Pte Bernard Martin Mattschoss; 3090 Pte Frank Stanley Morcom; 3091 Pte John Henderson Mollison; 3092 Pte Thomas McNaughton; 3093 Pte John Kenneth McVicar; 3094 Pte Robert Morrison; 3095 Pte George Milne; 3096 Pte William Alexander Mitchell; 3097 Pte William Ernest Pyne Marles; 3098 Pte George Francis Mitchell; 3099 Pte Claude Hamilton Millard; 3100 Pte Mayleston Washington Bertie Mudie; 3101 Pte Heywood Seymour Moss; 3102 Pte Rob Roy Melvelle; 3103 Pte Nicholas Charles Nichol; 3104 Pte James Nelson; 3015 Pte Westley Albert Edgar Nankivell; 3106 Pte Frederick James Ockenden; 3107 Pte Michael Prap; 3108 Pte George Richardson Pyle; 3109 Pte Frederick James Perry; 3110 Pte Arthur George Phillips; 3111 Pte Richard James Pengelley; 3112 Pte Lloyd Shepherd Prouse; 3113 Pte Alan Ernest Rankin; 3114 Pte Laurence Oswald Rivett; 3115 Pte Selby Richardson; 3116 Pte James John Rolls; 3117 Pte Benjamin William Rowland; 3118 Pte Frederick William Richards; 3119 Pte Alfred Irving Rowntree; 3120 Pte Edwin George Symes; 3121 Pte James Arthur Seaton; 3122 Pte Lawrence Frederick Shannon; 3123 Pte Henry James Schedlich; 3124 Pte Lionel George Sparnon; 3125 Pte John Francis Simmons; 3126 Pte Alfred George Sparrow; 3127 Pte Victor Nathaniel Sheill; 3128 Pte Albert George Tregenza; 3129 Pte Carl Arthur Thiele; 3130 Pte John Robinson Turner; 3131 Pte Frank Roy Thompson; 3132 Pte Gordon Grantham Turner; 3133 Pte Harold Haynes Thomson; 3134 Pte William Robert Thomson; 3135 Pte Walter Vokes; 3136 Pte Patrick Thomas Ward; 3137 Pte William Tom Bathurst Wildash; 3138 Pte Frank Harold Warne; 3139 Pte Charles Todd Woolaston; 3140 Pte Harry Tannahill Wilson; 3141 Pte Walter Woodhouse; 3142 Pte Charles Roy Woodcock; 3143 Pte Tennyson Penn Woolaston; 3144 Pte Charles Opalton Whomes; 3145 Pte Albert Henry Wilcott; 3146 Pte James Tapsel Warman; 3147 Pte Albert Alldritt; 3148 Pte Oswald Bainem Bosley; 3149 Pte Frank Eric Roy Cole; 3150 Pte Arthur Edward Dean; 3152 Pte Wilfred Fewkes Partridge; 3153 Pte Joseph Daniel Rooney; 3155 Pte William Park Smith; 3156 Pte Henry Scorey; 3157 Pte Bertram Francis McKean; 3158 Pte John Dowling; 3159 Pte Roy Colbert; 3160 Pte Reginald George Pople; 3161 Pte James Phillip Sheridan; 3162 Pte William Morgan. There are three men missing from this portrait who are named on the Embarkation List.