Image copyright: © Australian War Memorial licensed copyright,

ID number P04237.005
Collection Photograph
Object type Colour - Film original transparency (positive) 35mm
Photographer Gittoes, George
Place made Iraq: Baghdad
Date made 28 April 2003
Copyright holder Gittoes & Dalton Productions Pty Ltd
Copying provision Copy provided for personal non-commercial use


Partly uncovered human remains at Abu Ghraib prison, on the outskirts of Baghdad. Hundreds, possibly thousands, of political prisoners were executed or tortured at Abu Ghraib by Saddam Hussein’s regime. Australian artist George Gittoes visited the prison on 28 April 2003. Relatives of people who had been killed were searching for the remains of loved ones. They found bodies, hastily buried in a garden and vegetable patch. Coalition forces eventually found 993 unmarked graves at the prison, which was subsequently used by American forces to hold alleged insurgents.