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ID number P05707.035
Collection Photograph
Object type Colour - Film original transparency (positive) 35mm
Photographer Speedy, Ian Maxwell (Max)
Place made Vietnam: Bien Hoa Province, Bearcat Base
Date made February 1969
Copyright holder Speedy, Ian Maxwell (Max)


EMU sign outside a building at Bearcat Base. The sign includes the unit motto 'Get The Bloody Job Done', and the name, Major H T Woodmansee II, Commanding Officer. RAN Helicopter Flight Vietnam (RANHFV) is serving with the 135th Assault Helicopter Company (135th AHC), United States Army. Due to its integrated nature, the unit is designated an ‘experimental military unit', with the nickname EMU. The experiment involves the full integration of RANHFV with the 135th AHC, under the direct command of the United States Army in warlike conditions. The commanding officer of RANHFV is the executive officer (EMU 5) of the 135th AHC. The second in charge (2IC) RANHFV is the 1st platoon leader and later operations officer (EMU 3) of the 135th AHC. Both fly as Command and Control pilots for much of their tour. Other RAN pilots are in command of the gunships and leaders of the ten 'slicks' (Iroquois helicopters) which fly into the landing zones. Based originally at Vung Tau Air Base, the company moved to Fire Support Base Black Horse near Xuan Loc in December 1967. In November 1968 the unit was moved to Bearcat Base, north east of Saigon. Throughout their service in Vietnam members of RANHFV provided tactical airlift and gunship support for Australian and allied ground forces.