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TitleVolume II – The Story of ANZAC from 4 May, 1915, to the evacuation of the Gallipoli Peninsula (11th edition, 1941)
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MakerBean, Charles Edwin Woodrow (C E W)

This volume covers the period immediately following the disastrous Gallipoli landing of 25 April 1915, up until the evacuation of Helles in January of the following year. It deals in detail with the second battle of Krithia, the repulse of the Turks, the battles of Lone Pine and Sari Bair, and the landing at Suvla Bay. It also covers Lord Kitchener’s visit to Anzac and the subsequent British Government order to evacuate Anzac and Suvla.

Introduction by Alec J Hill, to the University of Queensland Press edition.

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PDF 440.97 KB Preface, Contents, Lists of illustrations, List of maps, and Chronology from 30th April 1915 to 8th January 1916 (pages i-xviii)
PDF 2.22 MB Chapter I – The Struggle for Krithia (pages 1-43)
PDF 656.44 KB Chapter II – The Change to Trench–warfare at Anzac (pages 44-56)
PDF 1.62 MB Chapter III – The Anzac Artillery and the Problem of the 400 Plateau (pages 57-85)
PDF 2.21 MB Chapter IV – The Problem of Monash Valley (pages 86-131)
PDF 1.88 MB Chapter V – The Turkish Attack of May 19th (pages 132-168)
PDF 1.43 MB Chapter VI – The Open Flank at Anzac (pages 169-197)
PDF 1.58 MB Chapter VII – May 29th – The Turks break into Quinn’s (pages 198-229)
PDF 1.13 MB Chapter VIII – The Solution of the Problem in Monash Valley (pages 230-253)
PDF 1.45 MB Chapter IX – The Growth of the Anzac Line (pages 254-284)
PDF 1.9 MB Chapter X – Operations in June and July (pages 285-324)
PDF 1006.63 KB Chapter XI – German Officers’ Trench (pages 325-345)
PDF 989.3 KB Chapter XII – The Beach (pages 346-365)
PDF 1.11 MB Chapter XIII – The Sickness of the Army (pages 366-387)
PDF 1.47 MB Chapter XIV – The “Self–government” of the A.I.F. (pages 388-418)
PDF 519.61 KB Chapter XV – New Troops – and a Mental Change (pages 419-429)
PDF 2.2 MB Chapter XVI – The Plan of the Second Offensive (pages 430-472)
PDF 1.06 MB Chapter XVII – The Preparatory Demonstrations – Leane’s Trench (pages 473-496)
PDF 1.97 MB Chapter XVIII – The Attack upon Lone Pine (pages 497-534)
PDF 1.52 MB Chapter XIX – The Counter–attack at Lone Pine (pages 535-566)
PDF 1.64 MB Chapter XX – The Night Advance on Sari Bair (pages 567-596)
PDF 1.86 MB Chapter XXI – The Feints of August 7th (pages 597-633)
PDF 1 MB Chapter XXII – The Checking of the Advance on August 7th (pages 634-651)
PDF 774 KB Chapter XXIII – The Attempt upon Hill 971 (pages 652-665)
PDF 1.13 MB Chapter XXIV – Chunuk Bair – the Climax in Gallipoli (pages 666-686)
PDF 1.61 MB Chapter XXV – Chunuk Bair – the Climax in Gallipoli (continued) (pages 687-717)
PDF 2.19 MB Chapter XXVI – Hill 60 (pages 718-762)
PDF 1.68 MB Chapter XXVII – The Fate of the Expedition (pages 763-797)
PDF 1.63 MB Chapter XXVIII – The Autumn (pages 798-829)
PDF 1.22 MB Chapter XXIX – The Onset of Winter (pages 830-852)
PDF 1.56 MB Chapter XXX – The Evacuation (pages 853-886)
PDF 1.21 MB Chapter XXXI – The Final Stage (pages 887-910)
PDF 3.36 MB Index (pages 911-975)