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TitleGallipoli Mission (1st edition, 1948)
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MakerBean, Charles Edwin Woodrow (C E W)

This book deals with a small mission of eight Australians – including Charles Bean (the author), George Lambert (artist), and Hubert Wilkins (photographer) – who visited Gallipoli in 1919 to carry out research on the battlefields of the 1915 campaign, discuss a plan for the Gallipoli war graves, and obtain from the Turks their story of the fighting. The mission retraced the landing and the fight up the range, and with the assistance of a Turkish officer, Major Zeki Bey who served through the campaign, was able to follow the Turk defence system.

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PDF 378.85 KB Preface, Contents, List of Illusrations, List of Drawings, List of Maps (pages i-xviii)
PDF 574.64 KB Chapter I – The Riddles of Anzac (pages 1-13)
PDF 432.25 KB Chapter II – The Australian Historical Mission (pages 14-23)
PDF 942.36 KB Chapter III – To Constantinople (pages 24-44)
PDF 615.82 KB Chapter IV – Anzac Three Years After (pages 45-56)
PDF 803.45 KB Chapter V – The Battlefield Cemetery (pages 57-72)
PDF 518.16 KB Chapter VI – We Follow the Steps of the Landing (pages 73-83)
PDF 1.02 MB Chapter VII – Tracing the Fight up the Range (pages 84-107)
PDF 358.22 KB Chapter VIII – George Lambert Sets to Work (pages 108-114)
PDF 440.41 KB Chapter IX – “Farthest In” (pages 115-124)
PDF 275 KB Chapter X – Zeki Bey (pages 125-130)
PDF 460.96 KB Chapter XI – Enter Mustafa Kemal (pages 131-142)
PDF 719.13 KB Chapter XII – Other Riddles of the Landing (pages 143-158)
PDF 631.61 KB Chapter XIII – German Officers’ Trench (pages 159-171)
PDF 519.46 KB Chapter XIV – The Fight at the Crater (pages 172-182)
PDF 1.05 MB Chapter XV – The Turkish Side At Lone Pine (pages 183-204)
PDF 546.18 KB Chapter XVI – Chunuk Bair and Hill 60 (pages 205-217)
PDF 1.13 MB Chapter XVII – The Other Side of the Hills (pages 218-243)
PDF 459.91 KB Chapter XVIII – The Turks and the Evacuation (pages 244-253)
PDF 988.95 KB Chapter XIX – What the Turks Could See (pages 254-276)
PDF 249.52 KB Chapter XX – Anzac Gets Us Down (pages 277-282)
PDF 1.11 MB Chapter XXI – At Helles (pages 283-308)
PDF 718.54 KB Chapter XXII – By Cattle–Truck Through the Taurus (pages 309-324)
PDF 1.1 MB Chapter XXIII – The Future of Anzac (pages 325-350)
PDF 878.79 KB Appendix 1 – Answers of Kiazim Pasha to Questions from the Australian Official Historian (pages 349-369)
PDF 737.04 KB Appendix 2 – Note from Zeki Bey on Ranks of Turkish Officers (pages 370-370)
PDF 131.18 KB Appendix 3 – Letter from Zeki Bey (pages 371-374)
PDF 183.97 KB Appendix 4 – Turkish Place Names at Anzac and Helles, and their Meanings (pages 375-380)
PDF 241.71 KB Appendix 5 – Reports on Graves at Gallipoli and the Future of Anzac (pages 381-386)
PDF 45.05 KB Appendix 6 – Lester Lawrence’s verses, “The Graves of Gallipoli”, from The Anzac Book (pages 387-388)
PDF 46.61 KB Appendix 7 – A Memorial to Soldiers who fell at the Dardanelles in 440 BC (pages 389-390)
PDF 673.01 KB Index (pages 391-406)